Saturday, November 26, 2011


The HOLIDAY issue is HERE!

Open publication

Warm Wishes for the Holiday season, 
Liz & Beth

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Party Blog Hop FINALE!

for joining our 
Henry Glass Designer's blog hop!

We had a blast and hope you did too.
We're excited to start making a bunch of 
the projects posted by our fellow designers.

Do we need to sleep from now 'til Christmas???

And now....the naming of our project!

Thanks for ALL the naming possibilities, we sure
got a good kick out of them!

We have TWO prizes to giveaway...

First PLACE goes to:

Abby in California 
and the pillow's new name...

(for the Jolly Holiday blog hop!)

and the runner up....who gets the prize for 


for suggesting the pillow be named
her fav Partridge! 


Agent99, this one's for you...

Whew!  After that one you may want our JibJab
videos back. 

**WINNERS...please send us your addresses at!**

Now we were going to come up with a really fun 
"cheat sheet" with all the secret words from 
the hop, but guess what?  We don't need to! 
Jill Finley from Jillily Studio
beat us to it!
**click here** to check it out.

 Here's the link  to the Henry Glass site.  You have until November 26 to leave your comment (with all those words in it) to win the GRAND PRIZE.

Good luck to all....

....and to all a GOODNIGHT!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday Party Blog Hop - Day 7

It's BIG HAIR day!  We are ROCKIN' it...
(take a guess at the two rockers joining our 
Lizzie B-ig Hair band!)

Now that we have your attention...
TODAY is the LAST day of the blog hop!

Make sure you visit these two blogs today:

**click here**

Gather ALL of the secret words and head on over
to the Henry Glass blog to post them.  
You could be a BIG winner!

Tomorrow we'll post the winner(s) of OUR blog
for the naming of our pillow.
Did you notice?  
Even our rockin' big hair band 
cast a vote for a name.....

Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Party Blog Hop - Day 6

Oh dear...another confession.
We went to see the midnight showing 
of Breaking Dawn last night!
((err, early this morning...))

It's crazy, but it's tradition.
Here's how it goes down.  Liz and family 
fly to Tucson to spend Thanksgiving together.
But we ALWAYS seem to fly in on the VERY day
a Twilight movie comes out!
And since Beth doesn't have a daughter, but read the books the same time my daughter and I did, we have to do the GIRLIE thing and go in pj's together, right???
((plus, Beth's theater has fresh popped Kettle Corn!))

This all started with the first book/movie...after spending the night on a sidewalk outside the local mall with dear daughter and her friend just so we could meet Robert Patinson.
Oh the things we do!

Here he is, obviously enjoying a copy of our 
Tuscadelphia book!

Anywho...we're a little tired today, needless to say.
but not TOO tired to....


Ok...I have wayyyy too much fun with these videos.
Hope you're all enjoying them!

And while your whistling THAT happy tune,
Check out these blogs today:

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of the hop! 
Have you found all your "secret" words yet
for the GRAND PRIZE drawing???

Tomorrow we choose the name for 
our Birdie Pillow too.
Make sure you've left a comment to be entered to win!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Party Blog Hop - Day 5

I have to confess....
I've been listening to Christmas music all day!
I really try NOT to until after Thanksgiving, but 
I've been whipping up holiday crafts and, well,
ya just gotta get into the spirit, right???

Today, Henry Glass Designer 
Linda Lum Debono posted a pic on Facebook of a 
CUTE pillow project she did last year: 

Well, I DEFINITELY have jingle, and I can ROCK it, baby!
Oh yeah.  So I told her this one is a MUST for me 
this year.  Gonna make it.  
She triple-doggie dared me...
so really, I have no choice, right?
If you want to make it too, 

And since I'm flying off to Beth's 
house in Tucson tomorrow, 
I thought this illustrates perfectly how 
we can ROCK it together!

In SPANISH even.

You think this one is fun?  We'll be
decking the halls tomorrow!  So stay tuned!

For today, make sure you check out
these blogs...

I've seen some dang cute projects
on this hop so many do you think we can
all make before Christmas?  Any guesses?

I know.  
That's like guessing M&M's in a jar!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Party Blog Hop - Day 4

Are we having fun yet?  How many projects from the 
blog hop have you downloaded so far?
How many can we get DONE before Christmas???
(ok, let's not answer that question....)

Can't wait to see what 
these designers have for us today:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Party Blog Hop - Day 3

Day 3!  
Do you have your blog hop GROOVE on yet?
WE DO!  
Can we boogie or WHAT!?!

Blogs to check out TODAY:

Little Quilts

Lucy Morey

Willowberry Lane

Thanks for all the FUN comments yesterday and 
creative names for our pillow!
Keep 'em coming in, we'll choose a name (and winners!) 
at the end of the hop!!

Happy Dancin'!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Holiday Party Blog Hop - Day 2

TODAY is OUR blog hop day!
So here are the rules....
1. Check out ALL the blogs in the hop 
each day (we'll list them here everyday)
2. FIND the "hidden" Holiday word on each blog
3. At the end, hop on over to the Henry Glass Blog
list ALL the secret Holiday words to be entered 
for the GRAND PRIZE!
WHAT is the grand prize you may ask???

**Why, a bundle of wonderful Henry Glass fabric of course!
a small gift from EACH blogger!!!**  

Now THAT'S a present!

So....each blogger is also answering some Holiday
questions...ours get TWO answers since there's two of us!
(some have very similar answers, 
what else would you expect from us??) 
Here we go:

1. What is your favorite holiday food?
Liz: Cookies, hands down. There are cookies I only bake at Christmas time and my family looks forward to it every year. Most of the recipes are one's that have been passed down from my Mom and memories of baking with her in the kitchen every year!
Beth: Christmas cookies!  My grandma used to make what seemed like 47 different kinds of cookies each year...we couldn't WAIT to get to her house!  And she made candy...fudge & divinity.  I used to eat divinity 'til I was sick every year when I was a kid.

2. Does your family have a favorite holiday tradition?   
Liz: Oh my goodness, so many to choose from! One of our favorites is the Christmas music mix we do each year.  We find lots of funky twists on traditional tunes.  The tradition started when my husband worked at a record store in his teens and would do mixed tapes!  Been keeping it up a long time now.
Beth: On Christmas eve, we have "party foods". tons of different appetizers, finger foods, etc...and it usually lasts all afternoon and evening. My kids would freak out if we did something different for christmas eve dinner!

3. Did you like or hate sitting on Santa’s lap? 
Liz: Ok, I thought it was a little creepy. I think I only have pics of my two oldest kids with Santa.  
Beth: Really...what a crazy tradition!  It makes no sense, on so many levels.  I just remember waiting in line for Santa when my boys were little.  Wondering who was going to cry that year, and just WHAT they were going to say to him. 

4. Was there a gift that you really desperately wanted? Did you get it?  
Liz: Oh how I wanted Barbie's town house!  With the elevator???  But my sister wanted it too and I was sure she would get it.  I was the little sister, I got hand-me-downs.  When I opened that package on Christmas morning with MY name on it....oh I was the happiest little girl in the world! (I did share with my sister, and she added her plastic blow-up Barbie was one sweet pad.)
Beth: I always wanted a horse, and a room of my own. Never got the horse.  (And now I don't EVEN want one of those!)  And I did finally get my own room, in high school.  And I have one now, too--- my studio, which is a wonderful place to get away and create and enjoy the solitude.

5. What’s your favorite holiday movie?  
Liz: "It's a Wonderful Life" - we watch it each year as a whole family.  LOVE it!
Beth: I like so many holiday movies.  But it's gotta be "A Christmas Story".  Makes me laugh every time.

6. Favorite holiday song?   
Liz: Oh dear...that depends on the year!  But I'm a HUGE fan of Ella Fitzgerald.  Her Swingin' Christmas is what we listen to while opening gifts on Christmas morning.  The first few bars of her "Jingle Bells" gets us hoppin'!
Beth: The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole. He had the BEST voice!

Found this one just recently...totally makes me laugh...and think of EGGNOG....

7. Do you make many holiday presents? What do you like to give?  
Liz: I do like to make presents...I have good intentions anyway.  I like to give something made out of fabric because it really is a labor of love, and I know the one on the receiving end appreciates it.  
Beth: I would like to say YES, of course!  I always have high hopes, or fleeting thoughts at least...but usually I just run out of time. I don't start thinking about Christmas til at least Thanksgiving!

8. Would you prefer a large fully decorated tree or one like Charlie Brown’s tree?  
Liz: I'm with Beth here...I like both!  Lots of trees decorate my house, but the main one is a fully decorated 15-footer!
Beth: I like both!  Sometimes we have more than one tree... I have a huge "upside-down" christmas tree that I like to decorate with just snowmen and snowy looking things.  My family hates it because it is really hard to set up (even though I hang all the ornaments!)  They groan every year. But that's why I have all these men around here, right?

9. If you could go back in time, when would you say was your most favorite holiday memory?
Liz: Playing games with my siblings during Christmas break!  Eating cookies, listening to music, playing our board games.  We always got new games for Christmas.  Santa was no dummy (...there were six kids that had to be entertained!)

Beth: Just every year when I was a kid...trekking the (we thought long) one-hour in the car to my grandparents house for Christmas day.  It was the same every year...the tons of food, goodies, family.  Loved it!  And miss it.

10. Do you like a big family gathering at the holidays or do you prefer a small dinner followed by hot chocolate by the fire?

Liz: BOTH! I have so much fun with my family, it wouldn't be Christmas without them! But I love quiet evenings by the fire.  And I wouldn't turn down a cup of hot chocolate or, my favorite....EGGNOG. (with nutmeg, of course!) I make it homemade every year for Christmas Eve.
Beth: Can I say a big family party, and THEN when they all leave, quiet time by the fire?!  The best of both worlds!

Now...for the FREEBIE project you've ALL been waiting for!
Here ya go.  It's called...
We Put a Bird on It!
HAHA! No actually, we couldn't think of a name we liked so we thought, HEY, why not ask our PEEPS???

Leave us a comment with the name YOU think fits this project.  Whichever name we like best....WINS A PRIZE!
(there could be runner-up prizes too, there might be a lot of creative names out there!)

**Click Here for PDF download**

The other blogger for today is: 

*click here*

Have you guessed our word yet?  Here's another hint....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holiday Party Blog Hop - Day 1


It's THAT time of year again...

Holiday BLOG HOP time!

Getting you into the Holiday spirit earlier this year, 
and loaded with LOTS of freebie projects 

Of course, chances to WIN fun quilty prizes.  

Are YA ready???

Starting TODAY, first up on the HOP:

click here!

 SWING on by our blog 
ALL week, we have LOTS-O-FUN in store.

As always.

And don't forget to....



Thursday, November 10, 2011




I'm SO excited to let you all in on a little 
something I (that would be Liz...)
have been dreaming up. 
 I hope you're excited too!

I just LAUNCHED a new "project" on 

Kickstarter is a website to help 
"fund and follow creativity".  
It's so amazing!

Here's a little snapshot of what my page looks like:

In a nutshell...
I want to take my private quilt studio and...
.....go public!
How FUN is that? 
But in order to do so, 
I need some help to get it off the ground.
Kickstarter is a great tool 
because people can make a "pledge" 
toward my project and get some 
AWESOME rewards in return!

I hope you'll go check it out.
Read about all the rewards....maybe you can
knock a few Christmas gifts off your list!

To "Read All About It"... 

Tell me what you think!
(and please don't laugh at my dorky video...)

P.S. This is what happens when you go to Quilt Market and see all your fabulous quilty buddies in the biz...they make the ideas in your head grow and give you the PUSH you need to... 

Just. Do. It.