Sunday, September 13, 2015

Colorful Dreamin' - Jaftex 85th Anniversary Celebration

YAY! It's our day on the blog hop! We finally get to share our OWN little bit of Lizzie B eye candy. At least WE think it's eye candy. You can decide. 

So if you've been following the hop, you've probably already read about the amazing Jaftex family right? OK, well if not, here's a little background history lesson *wink:

"The Jaftex Corp. was founded in the 1930’s when Jacob A. Fortunoff started selling fabric on the streets of New York. At that time, the mainstay of the business was women’s sleepwear and lingerie. In the 80’s, Jacob’s grandson, Robert, dramatically changed the business of the company. The business focus was transferred to the over the counter quilt industry when Robert purchased companies like A.E. Nathan, Henry Glass, Stylemaker, Chanteclaire, Fabric Editions/Studioe and more recently The Blank Quilting Corp. Robert is now joined by his two sons, Scott and Greg. Scott currently is the President of Studioe Fabrics, The Blank Quilting Corp. & A.E. Nathan Co., Inc. Greg just joined the business in late 2014 and has successfully spearheaded the company’s foray into precut fabrics among other contributions"

Pretty cool, right? Can you imagine selling fabrics on the streets of NYC? Wait, I could totally do that. An array of FQ's in my overcoat...? OK, maybe not. Anyway, it's a cool beginning, and fun to be a part of such a great history, don't you think?

So you've probably also gathered that each of us bloggers were giving a stack of Pepper Cory FQ's to work with to come up with a project. We could add any other fabric from any of the companies that fall under the Jaftex family, soooooo, of course, with our NEW LINE "Modern Love" finally in shops, we were excited to throw in bits of it for our MASSIVE 17" pillow we like to call Colorful Dreamin'. 

Why? Because this pillow is so big you can snuggle right in and soak up all that color from some colorful dreams. Right? We knew you'd agree. ;)

And of course, I had to style it on my awesome purple couch a few different ways. (But really, I just wanted to curl up on it with a good book and that ginormous pillow...maybe a cute quilt?)

Oh, there we go! Cute quilt added! That one is from our first Hip Happy line, featured in our Quiltin' Happy book. Oh dear, look how cute it would be in our new Modern Love! Uh...I think my sewing machine is calling...

Yeah, I definitely need to get off the computer and back to my machine! But before I do, let me mention our little GIVEAWAY! I mean, what's a blog hop without a giveaway, right?

We have not one, but TWO FQ bundles of the Pepper Cory cotton's we used in our project. A happy little rainbow of colors!

And because we love our readers so much, we MAY just throw in a couple FQ's of Modern Love! What do you think? 

Just leave us a comment below, wishing Jaftex a Happy Anniversary and telling us which fabric is your fav from Modern Love.

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Then of course to be in the BIG running for the GRAND PRIZES of the hop, click here

85th Anniversary Giveaway

This link will show you 13 ways to be in the running for winning the grand prizes. The more ways you enter, the better your chances. Just sayin'! 

Here's a list of the grand prizes:

1st Prize:
Blog Readers: A Janome Skyline S5 sewing machineYour favorite quilt shop: 30 bolts of fabric2nd Prize:Blog Readers: 15 Fat quarter bundles and a box of Aurifil thread [48 spools] Your favorite quilt shop:15 bolts of fabric3rd Prize:Blog Readers: 6 Fat quarter bundles and a special edition tin of goodies from Schmetz Needles  Your favorite quilt shop:6 bolts of fabric

I mean...holy...yeah, you can pick your jaw up off the ground and wipe the saliva from your chin, haha! TOLD you it was a huge celebration!Super grateful for the amazing co-sponsor's who have provided these awesome prizes. Let's give them all a round of applause, shall we?

Aurifil Threads -
Schmetz Needles -

Yeah, they rock! OK, what are you waiting for??? Get in on the prize winning! Leave us a comment. Click on the link and enter to win grand prizes. Check out all the blogs we listed *here* to win even more prizes every day! (Hint: up next tomorrow is - Melissa @ Sew Bitter Sweet Designs)

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