Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Party Blog Hop - Day 6

Oh dear...another confession.
We went to see the midnight showing 
of Breaking Dawn last night!
((err, early this morning...))

It's crazy, but it's tradition.
Here's how it goes down.  Liz and family 
fly to Tucson to spend Thanksgiving together.
But we ALWAYS seem to fly in on the VERY day
a Twilight movie comes out!
And since Beth doesn't have a daughter, but read the books the same time my daughter and I did, we have to do the GIRLIE thing and go in pj's together, right???
((plus, Beth's theater has fresh popped Kettle Corn!))

This all started with the first book/movie...after spending the night on a sidewalk outside the local mall with dear daughter and her friend just so we could meet Robert Patinson.
Oh the things we do!

Here he is, obviously enjoying a copy of our 
Tuscadelphia book!

Anywho...we're a little tired today, needless to say.
but not TOO tired to....


Ok...I have wayyyy too much fun with these videos.
Hope you're all enjoying them!

And while your whistling THAT happy tune,
Check out these blogs today:

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of the hop! 
Have you found all your "secret" words yet
for the GRAND PRIZE drawing???

Tomorrow we choose the name for 
our Birdie Pillow too.
Make sure you've left a comment to be entered to win!


  1. These videos have been the best!
    You really are so cre8ive!!

    (Google problems - can't post comments for some reason).

  2. I LOVE your videos ... make me smile for hours afterwards! Thankyou :)


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