Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Party Blog Hop - Day 3

Day 3!  
Do you have your blog hop GROOVE on yet?
WE DO!  
Can we boogie or WHAT!?!

Blogs to check out TODAY:

Little Quilts

Lucy Morey

Willowberry Lane

Thanks for all the FUN comments yesterday and 
creative names for our pillow!
Keep 'em coming in, we'll choose a name (and winners!) 
at the end of the hop!!

Happy Dancin'!


  1. Your Dancin' Video is hysterical! Thanks for giving me a laugh first thing this morning! Great way to start the day. Grace

  2. You two totally crack me up! Colbert yesterday and this today!!! I am so in the swingin' holiday mood now! Thank you so much for providing the laugh I needed today.


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