Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Modern Love has FINALLY arrived!

Man, oh man has it been a long time in coming. It's been SO long, I totally need to rearrange my studio (AGAIN!) to fit these, like totally awesome, bolts of fabric.

Yes, I did just speak like an 80's valley girl. Why? You might ask. Well, we feel this line has a bright fun 80's style, hence its name: Modern Love. Anyone know the reference?

Of COURSE, it's from David Bowie! And one of his fun dance tunes. Also, no, there was no such thing as HD in 1983. However, here's a little trivia for ya, guess where this video was filmed? 

Yep, the city of brotherly love! Which is Philadelphia, you know, in case you were wondering. AKA, MY city. Rad, right? ;)
Ahhh, this is the city that saw me through the 80's. Going to concerts at the Philadelphia Zoo, seeing the Stray Cats, and the Hooters (also from Philly, yo. The band, not the restaurant known for its, um, wings).

But I digress. I know what you're wondering. When the heck can you get your hands on some of our lovely fabric. Right? Duh. 

Well how about NOW?! No better time than the present. It's up in the shop so keep click on over---->ShopLizzieB. And while you're shopping, enjoy this little playlist on Spotify I put together for Modern Love and take a little trip back to 1983. 

Oh, and please, if you feel the urge, by all means, GET UP AND DANCE!

Disclaimer: In the event that this playlist may cause listeners to drive with the windows down and the volume cranked up, singing at the top of their lungs; the Lizzie B Girls will not be held responsible. Um, because they'll be doing it too!

P.S. You need a Spotify account to listen. But it's free to download! You can find me on there and follow all my crazy playlists too. 

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