Thursday, November 10, 2011




I'm SO excited to let you all in on a little 
something I (that would be Liz...)
have been dreaming up. 
 I hope you're excited too!

I just LAUNCHED a new "project" on 

Kickstarter is a website to help 
"fund and follow creativity".  
It's so amazing!

Here's a little snapshot of what my page looks like:

In a nutshell...
I want to take my private quilt studio and...
.....go public!
How FUN is that? 
But in order to do so, 
I need some help to get it off the ground.
Kickstarter is a great tool 
because people can make a "pledge" 
toward my project and get some 
AWESOME rewards in return!

I hope you'll go check it out.
Read about all the rewards....maybe you can
knock a few Christmas gifts off your list!

To "Read All About It"... 

Tell me what you think!
(and please don't laugh at my dorky video...)

P.S. This is what happens when you go to Quilt Market and see all your fabulous quilty buddies in the biz...they make the ideas in your head grow and give you the PUSH you need to... 

Just. Do. It.

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