Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Party Blog Hop - Day 5

I have to confess....
I've been listening to Christmas music all day!
I really try NOT to until after Thanksgiving, but 
I've been whipping up holiday crafts and, well,
ya just gotta get into the spirit, right???

Today, Henry Glass Designer 
Linda Lum Debono posted a pic on Facebook of a 
CUTE pillow project she did last year: 

Well, I DEFINITELY have jingle, and I can ROCK it, baby!
Oh yeah.  So I told her this one is a MUST for me 
this year.  Gonna make it.  
She triple-doggie dared me...
so really, I have no choice, right?
If you want to make it too, 

And since I'm flying off to Beth's 
house in Tucson tomorrow, 
I thought this illustrates perfectly how 
we can ROCK it together!

In SPANISH even.

You think this one is fun?  We'll be
decking the halls tomorrow!  So stay tuned!

For today, make sure you check out
these blogs...

I've seen some dang cute projects
on this hop so many do you think we can
all make before Christmas?  Any guesses?

I know.  
That's like guessing M&M's in a jar!



  1. Another great video! Thanks for the laughs! Great way to start the day again!
    Grace (Google posting not working for me).

  2. Love the Jib Jab video... brought a smile to my face!

  3. That video is hilarious! thankyou for the pattern

  4. Thanks, Liz! Have a great trip and hi to Beth!


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