Friday, February 25, 2011

It's been GRAND...! I'll admit I had an ulterior motive in asking which colors you all would choose for a monochromatic quilt.  We have a challenge this month in the Modern Quilt Guild to do a monochromatic quilt!  We're allowed to use ONE neutral as well.  But MY problem?  I can't choose just ONE color!  I heart color so much and I finally decide I want orange, then remember how much I like green, and suddenly red strikes my fancy....oooh but look at that purple!  See?  It's a problem.  So I thought, HEY, I'll ask our blog hoppers which color THEY would choose....thinking the color picked the most would be the color I would settle on.  But....BIG MISTAKE!  Obviously, I'm not the only one who loves color in the quilty world!  I can't tell WHICH color was picked the most.  I think it's a toss up between Blue, Orange and Green.  But I sure did like all your reasoning.  I like that green makes you think of spring, and orange and yellow are warm and happy.  I think I'm leaning toward the warm colors.  I'm soooo sick of winter.  I think I could use a splash of color!  So I will keep you all posted on my progress. We'll see how many MORE times I change my mind!

Meanwhile....yes I DID whip this up from start to finish in ONE day! 
How cute is that?

It's only a 40" X 45.5" sized quilt, so nice when you just NEED to get some sewing in.  

I stuck with reds and creams and the entire time I was totally craving THIS...

Yep, strawberries and cream.  YUM!  I think we need to rename this quilt...
"Strawberries and Cream, Baby!"

We're going to put together some kits and put 'em up in our shop if anyone's interested in whipping together this little cutie too.  
Just make sure you have some strawberries to munch on during the process!

Oh, and I just HAD to show off the binding.  Yeah, I know, binding is not so exciting.  And I'm one of those who likes to whip it on by hand while watching countless TV reruns or a good chick flick.  But just LOOK at those stitches!  See 'em?  No?  Isn't it amazing? 
 I used Aurifil 50 wt and you can't see a single stitch.  I LOVE IT!

Speaking of Aurifil....have been to ALL the blogs today?  Did you visit...

 Sew Cal Gal – (Letter L) Darlene
 I Have a Notion (Letter T for Thread!) Kelly Jackson

Then make sure to visit Pat's blog to find out how to put all your blocks together....AND
to see if you're a GRAND PRIZE WINNER!

Keep leaving comments on our blogs all through tonight...(and since I'm so late in getting this up today, tomorrow morning is good too!)  Then we'll all pick names for the grand prize.  At THAT time, we will also pick the winners from the last three days.  We'll announce OUR winners tomorrow afternoon.  The Grand Prize Winner will be announced on Monday.  GOOD LUCK everyone!

And because we've had so many requests for more, we'll leave you with another Lizzie B (Mis) Adventure.....

"Max, really?" Beth asked, grasping the bars in front of her and trying to give her son the most serious MOM stare down she could muster.
"You're throwing us in jail.  Your own Aunt and MOTHER?!"
"Mom..." he started in an exasperated and slightly tired voice.  "It's for your own good. You need to stop meddling in police business, there's only so much I can do for you."  Snapping the keys back on the key fob hanging on his belt, he turned to walk away.
"Hey Max, " I piped in.  "Could we at least have our quilting in here?  We'll go crazy if we don't have something to stitch on."  
He stopped, sighed, and his normally tall straight frame slumped for just a moment.
"I promise, you won't hear another word from us tonight!" I said, raising my right hand as if I were in court or something.  But I could tell he was about to give in.  The wheels in his head were all but visible as he was probably trying to figure out if there was anything in our sewing cases that could  possibly give him any more trouble that night.  
"Okay." he said. " I'll bring you your sewing cases.  But that's it.  Not a word from you until you're released tomorrow morning."
We both readily agreed.
His partner Jeeter returned with our cases.  "I'm really sorry about this guys." He said a little sheepishly as he passed our sewing to us.
"It's okay Jeeter." Beth replied. "I guess it's payback for all the time-out's I had to put him in as a child!  Hahaha."  We all chuckled.
"Tell ya what Jeeter..." I said.  "Bring us each a Diet Coke and we'll start working on a quilt for YOU tonight!"
"Really?" He said excitedly.  "No way!  I'll be right back!"
"Don't forget the straws!" We both yelled after him.
Half an hour later we were calmly sitting on a disgusting mattress in a cold cell at the city jail in Tucson, working on hand applique blocks.  What else could we do?   Ok, so we meddled in police business. But not THAT much!  And really, every time we did we brought down the perp.  What was the big deal?  Was it because we'd had no police training?  Was that it?  Because what we were finding was that simple sewing skills mixed with common sense made up for a lot of training we didn't actually have.  And add creativity to that mix??  Well, let's just say we made a pretty lethal team.
I glanced at the cop on duty sitting at his desk, back slightly to us.  Max and Jeeter had gone back out on surveillance.  The precinct was quiet.  Beth and I looked at each other and nodded.  It was time to start some SERIOUS sewing!  First, we pulled on our quilting gloves.  I took out our special needles...soaked in a formula of essential oils we'd found on the internet that cause a temporary paralysis. Completely organic of course!  Carefully handling the needle, I stuck the end in a small piece of paper that held some wadded gum I had chewed earlier. Beth handed me the straw she'd pulled quietly from her Diet Coke.  Very gently, I pushed the needle into the "launcher"...(growing up with brother's sure did teach a girl a few tricks!)  I poised myself near the opening of the cell. "Ready?" I mouthed to Beth.  She opened her hands to show me that she did indeed have the tools we needed and it was a go.   Very slowly I leaned through the bars, inhaled as deeply as I could.  Having played the flute over half my life, let's just say, I could inhale REAL deep, and boy did I ever have force behind the exhale!  I blew quick and hard, hitting our target sitting at the desk in the neck perfectly.  Seconds later he slumped over in his chair.  Quick as light, Beth was at the lock with her seam ripper.  It clicked once, then twice.
"Get the Aurifil!" She whispered urgently.  I grabbed our 28 wt bright pink thread  (hey, tools should be pretty!), and yanked it like floss where the doors clicked together.  Beth shoved and the door flew open!  Grabbing our sewing cases we quickly walked to our poor cop on duty.  Checking his pulse to make sure he was okay, I pulled the needle from his neck.  No reason anyone needed to know he had help falling asleep!  Beth quickly secured him to his chair with our Aurifil rope.  
"That's calling card enough, don't you think?" She said as we stepped back to admire our colorful thread work.  
"Perfect!" I replied. Tossing a finished appliqued flower block on his desk for an added touch.
Arm and arm we left the police station.  We were sure there'd be consequences for our actions.  But honestly, never underestimate the power of two quilter's armed with creativity, Diet Coke and sewing essentials.
Big, big mistake.

Thanks for hanging out with us this week!  Be sure to visit our blog in the future for more Lizzie B fun!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I have a NOTION...

I don't know about you, but ALL this talk about Aurifil all week has been makeing me want to SEW!
Haha...I guess that's the idea right?  Has anyone finished any of the blocks?  Did you know there's a flickr group you can upload pics of your squares so we can ALL see them?
Click on the link'll take you JUST where you need to go.

I HAVE been sewing with Aurifil all week....just doing a little hand stitching.
Actually, a LITTLE?  Ok, a LOT.  I'm making about a MILLION handmade yo-yo's...

Beth and I fell in LOVE with Amy Butler's "Bloom Quilt" at market.  
Made with her new line Soul Blossoms

So we decided we HAD to make it!
100 yds of fabric later and about a zillion yo-yo's....ok, maybe that's an exaggeration,  but that's what it feels like!  Actually, making pizza pan sized yo-yo's is strangely relaxing at the end of the day.
Especially when you use our fav thread that DOESN'T break!

But this morning I decided I need some time at the machine. So I cut out a little fabric!

Trying a little mono-chromatic experiment.  Going to whip together our Take it Easy Baby quilt but in these colors.  I think we might have to change the name to the Sweetheart Quilt after it's done, don't you think it'll be sweet?

I like to stitch up my pieces with this 50 wt neutral Aurifil thread.  It's SEW spectacular !

Makes such perfect little seams!  (Ok, the straight lines are up to you!)

So I'm going to go finish whipping this little baby up.  Hopefully I'll have pics tomorrow!
But since sewing with Aurifil puts as ALL in such a happy mood.....

Let's do another GIVEAWAY today! 
Shall we?

Here's what ya need to do to be entered into the drawing....answer this one question:

If you had to make a mono-chromatic quilt, 
which color would you choose?

I know, HARD question, huh?  How can you just pick ONE color?  But remember, mono-chromatic means ALL the colors in that ONE color's range.  So go ahead and pick one!  
Who knows?  Maybe you'll win a spool of thread that matches your fav!

AND don't forget to visit THESE blogs in the hop today:

Stitchin’ Heaven (Letter F) Niki


Quilting Gallery (Letter I) Michele Foster


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

GOOD MORNIN' Aurifil Bloggie Hoppers!!!

**quick note to those of you unable to comment yesterday...we fixed everything so ANYONE can now comment!  And guess what?  We're STILL giving away more AURIFIL so comment away, and you'll be entered to win! Thanks for visiting our blog! **

Thank you SOOO much for all your great comments on yesterday's post!  You all are the BEST!  We've got some winner's to announce from OUR blog yesterday....but's a reminder of who to visit TODAY!

Erin Russek (Letter R) - She has a DARLING block you won't want to miss!


Thimbleanna (Letter I) - A "think spring" block that's a MUST in my neck of the woods!  (did you SEE how beautiful that Aurifil thread looks on her block???)

Now for our will each be receiving a package of Aurifil!

(we use to select our winners)

First up,



Ruth B said...
perfect u
Hmmmm....ugly doesn't describe Aurifil, neither does tug or umbrella. 
But I do Understand that it is (almost) Unbreakable, Unstoppable and Unbelievable!! Love it.



I am a newbie to AUrifil thread and anxioUs to try some as Dorothy (Bernina 830) isn't too happy with brand X I am Using now. Your story was Ureal and had me hook, line and sinker!!
U did good with the U Pat gave you.
U as in U-turn
Umbrella quilt

And then...because we DO have more Aurifil to give away at our discretion, we just HAD to award this person for their hard work.  I totally don't DO math, so this was, whew, WAAAAY over my head!


LA said...
Hello Ladies...Loved the story, love yoU, and yoUr e-mag!!!!

I foUnd a total of 108 words that have a U in them, in yoUr story. sUre hope that is what yoU were looking for :)

sound, multiple,(us+3=4),suddenly,rubber,U, (around+2=3),(up+4=5),unstoppable,during,turn, result, (but+2=3),skillfull,pumping,(would+1=3),occupied,knuckles,(unmarked+1=2),running,cruiser,must,(through+1=2),(quilt+5=6),umbrella,(you'd+1=2),(pursuit+1=2),applique,gorgeous,(Aurifil+2=3),(your+1=2),(colorful+1=2),(wouldn't+1=2),(you+3=4),without,ugly,curb,(jumped+1=2),out,(duffle+1=2),seriously,(our+3=4),curve,pulled,run,just,about,rules,couldn't,cut,,until,surrounded,(could+1=2),count,countless,(hours+1=2),used,sure,enough,precious,countinous,calculated,tug,beautiful,unbreakable,

(Winners: please send us an email with your addresses:

Not a winner this time?  NO WORRIES!  There's still LOTS more Aurifil to give away.  Keep your comments a'comin' and you'll be in the pool for the next giveaway.  At LEAST two more times before the week is out.  And it's ONLY Wednesday!

Meanwhile....I'm enjoying everyone's blogs while sipping my NEW love...

Choffy!  It's like coffee, only made from pure ground cocoa beans.

Look at that yummy chocolatey goodness steeping away in my 
cute French Press!

And the best part?  It has ALL the benefits of Chocolate...
-Full of anitoxidants
-Heart healthy
-Boosts Serotonin (in other words, it makes us happy!)
-Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
(to name a few)  
....With NONE of the fat!!!
Read this great article about chocolate from the Huffington Post:

 If you want to find out more about Choffy click on their website below:

And tell 'em Liz sent ya!
(Please note: I'm not a distributor....just a fan of the stuff.)

Gotta chocolate's getting cold.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How do U Use aUrifil?

This is a toUgh one, bUt, can yoU gUess which letter from the word  aUrifil is oUrs?
No?  Here's another hint....

For each day of the blog hop, we've been assigned a letter to Use in a little qUilty story of some sort.  
Well, if yoU haven't gUessed it by now....we have the letter U! 
We sUspect Pat gave this one to Us on pUrpose to see jUst how creative we can get with this lovely letter. Well Pat, hold on to yoUr seat....yoU"re in for a wild ride!

The sound of multiple sirens started closing in on us.  Suddenly Beth slammed on the brakes, cranking the steering wheel on the Lizzie B mobile to the left at the same time.  The high screech of tires pierced the air along with the stench of hot rubber skidding along the pavement in a perfect U as the car flipped around in seemingly slow motion and sped off in the opposite direction.  Leaving the cops scrambling to catch up.  We were Unstoppable!  I peeled my face off the passenger side window where it had attached itself during the turn.  Craning my head behind me I looked  to see the result of Beth's crazy yes, but skillful driving.  Pumping my hand into the air, 
"Yessss!" I screamed! "We did it!  Keep that pedal to the metal!" 
 We would have high-fived each other then, but Beth's hands were otherwise occupied,  knuckles white as they gripped the wheel in front of her.
She hooked a right, then a hard left and there it was...the Unmarked car we'd been following before running a red light....ok, maybe it was two....and catching the attention of the cruiser parked near the intersection we must have been flying through at the time.  Who knew following a quilt thief from the local quilt show parking lot would end in a high-speed chase?  But this was no ordinary stolen quilt.  No.  This was a Lizzie B quilt....the Umbrella quilt, to be exact, Happy Hawaii. 

 Believe us, you'd be in hot pursuit too after doing all that hand applique in gorgeous 50 weight Aurifil thread, perfectly matching your colorful batiks straight from the islands themselves.  
Well, wouldn't you?
Without warning, the Ugly Unmarked car in front of us haphazardly rammed to the curb and a man jumped out with a large duffle bag.  Seriously?  Why do criminals do this...think they can get away faster on foot?  
"Are you ready?"  Beth yelled above the roar of the engine. (Well, as much as a hybrid Highlander CAN roar!)
"Set!" I yelled back. As I quickly clicked open my seatbelt, and finished wrapping one of our most prized weapons loosely around my left arm, hooking my right hand above the door handle, ready to bolt.
Beth swerved the car to the right and jumped the curve.  At the same moment I pulled the door handle and it flew open.  Careening out at a run before the car had even come to a complete stop, I started hoofing it in hot pursuit of our thief.  Knowing that Beth would wait for the cops to catch up, work her magic and explain just why we'd broken about 50 traffic rules.  After all, what's the point of having a son on the force if they couldn't cut you a little slack every now and again?  I also knew it wouldn't be long until they surrounded the area with back up.  So nice working with a partner you could count on!  
Silently thanking my gym membership for allowing me countless hours on the elliptical, I ran effortlessly after the perp.  He, however, could have used a few hours a day at the gym.  His steps began to drag and his breathing became labored.  I was gaining on him!  It was time for the secret weapon.  I grabbed a length in my right hand, making sure there was enough slack, and slowly started the twirling motion.  Slowly the loop came to life, picking up speed.  The thief came to a chain linked fence at the end of an alley.  He threw his duffle with our precious quilt over the fence, and started to climb.  I saw my chance.  Lifting my hand over my head, in a continuous motion, I calculated my distance and flicked my wrist, just so.  Off it flew, like a slash of colorful paint through the sky.  My aim was perfect.  And the lasso lovingly braided from Aurifl 12 weight thread slid right over the perp's head, catching his arms.  With one great TUG I yanked him off the fence, tightening my beautiful, completely Unbreakable rope at the same time.
By the time Beth and the cops caught up to us, I had one of our trademark Dansko's firmly jammed into the small of Mr. Thief-man's back as I finished securely fastening our Aurifil rope around his wrists.
"Dang!" One of the cops said, "Remind me never to get on your bad side!  That rope thing...Unbelievable! Where did you learn that?"
Beth and I smiled at each other and shrugged.  

"You'd have to be a quilter to Understand."

Hope you enjoyed another Mis-Adventure of the Lizzie B Girls!  (for MORE Mis-Adventures, check out our eMag!) It was a fun challenge to incorporate the letter U and at the same time, use some U-inspired words to describe our favorite thread.  Leave us a comment listing what those U words are and you'll be entered to WIN some thread!  We'll announce the winners from OUR blog on Wednesday, so don't forget to comment!, make sure you visit:'s our block....! We hope you like it!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Do you AURIFIL???'s your CHANCE to try!
We are SOOO excited to be a part of the FIRST EVER 

Guess what this means?  We get to give away even MORE Aurifil thread!  
Yay! LOTS of chances to win.

You could even be the winner of this...

Yep, a WHOLE KIT of 50 wt Art Thread, Pat Sloan's very own collection.
How cool is that?

So here's how it works.  FIRST click here to visit
Pat Sloan...she's kicking off the blog hop TODAY!

Each blog involved is going to post a cool quilt block using...Aurifil thread, of course!
Collect ALL 9 blocks, leave comments on ALL 9 blogs and you could win BIG!  Also, when you download Pat's block pdf you will find listed at the end all the other participants in the blog hop.  We will be posting everyday to remind you where to go, but if you want to mark all of them NOW, download Pat's pdf...(which you'll wanna do anyway to get her cute block!)

Want to win Aurifil even BIGGER?  Check out THIS blog post by Pat Sloan...the folks at Aurifil filled an entire TRUNK of thread!  If you can guess the number of WIN A SUITCASE OF THREAD! Holy moly.  Hop on over there and start guessin'!

And lastly....don't forget our big AURIFIL giveaway happening right now when you leave a comment on our new Dream Laugh Create fanpage on facebook 
OR leave a comment over on our eMagazine page.  
(notice the new tab at the top of the blog that takes you RIGHT to our eMag too!)

Recap for chances to win:
- Visit Pat Sloan's blog today, download her block and leave a comment
- Visit all 9 blogs and leave comments - each blog will be giving away Aurifil all week!
- Take a guess for the Aurifil trunk challenge
- Leave us a comment each day this week...
- Comment on our fanpage and/or eMag page 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Are you READY??? HERE IT IS....!!!!

We've been SO excited about this, 
hope you enjoy our Premier Issue!


Leave us some feedback!  We'd love to know what you think!

And come find our NEW eMag fanpage on facebook!  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun Things a'Happenin'

Sorry it's been so quiet here on the Lizzie B blog!  The big V-Day is JUST around the corner and we have a deadline that day to kick off a NEW adventure that we hope is going to EXCITE you all!
Can't tell you what it is yet.  It'll be a big FUN surprise!

Meanwhile...the snow here is melting, a little.  The sun is glistening on my Delaware River.  And I'm gearing up for Valentine's day!  Don't you LOVE hearts???

I bought a little bottle of these ADORABLE sprinkles.  Took a photo of them scattered on my desk, and NOW it's a background on my desktop, my phone...etc.  Just love those little hearts!

But really I bought them so I could make some of these....


This is our Listen to Your Heart quilt draped in the sun.  Pretty, no?

Do you like hearts?  Are they scattered throughout your house?  What's your favorite part of Valentine's Day?

I'll admit it.  These are MY fav...

Sick, I know.  But ya just gotta love 'em!

Stay tuned for fun and exciting things heading your way from Lizzie B!!!  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011