Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun Things a'Happenin'

Sorry it's been so quiet here on the Lizzie B blog!  The big V-Day is JUST around the corner and we have a deadline that day to kick off a NEW adventure that we hope is going to EXCITE you all!
Can't tell you what it is yet.  It'll be a big FUN surprise!

Meanwhile...the snow here is melting, a little.  The sun is glistening on my Delaware River.  And I'm gearing up for Valentine's day!  Don't you LOVE hearts???

I bought a little bottle of these ADORABLE sprinkles.  Took a photo of them scattered on my desk, and NOW it's a background on my desktop, my phone...etc.  Just love those little hearts!

But really I bought them so I could make some of these....


This is our Listen to Your Heart quilt draped in the sun.  Pretty, no?

Do you like hearts?  Are they scattered throughout your house?  What's your favorite part of Valentine's Day?

I'll admit it.  These are MY fav...

Sick, I know.  But ya just gotta love 'em!

Stay tuned for fun and exciting things heading your way from Lizzie B!!!  

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