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A Flair for Fabric - BLOG HOP

Our day for the blog hop is here!

We're super excited to have been a part of making this book happen. If you've been following along on the HOP I'm sure you already know most of the details. 

~Henry Glass Fabric Designers 
(obviously, haha!)

~Compilation of fabulous projects

~Tips on fabric selection

~Royalties donated to the Red Cross

~GIVEAWAYS from Henry Glass!

There's the nutshell version. But let me tell you how this all started. Two years ago, there was this event here on the East Coast that, well, wiped away a lot of our coast. Its name was Hurricane Sandy.

That year I missed Quilt Market because we had family visiting, and my son was preparing to leave for Africa for two years. We knew the storm was coming. 

So we battened down the hatches, got out the batteries, checked all the flashlights, got out the candles, filled all the water bottles, got gas for the generator, filled bags of ice for the freezer, made sure there was plenty of food. And then we waited.

The storm came at night. Rain pounded on the windows and doors. The winds blew. My backyard, a forest of tall trees, swayed horrifically to and fro. The windows shook, and the power went out. We huddled together in candlelight and prayed that the house would be ok, and that our little town on the big Delaware River would be protected. We went to the basement and thought it would be fun to rig up the TV to the generator and watch a movie to keep our minds of the frightening sounds outside.

Except, just then, the loudest CRACK I'd ever heard reverberated outside the window and we heard a tall tree fall against our house and crush our deck. A hairsbreadth away from the window.

The damage to our house was minor compared to those who lost their houses and all their belongings. Immediately we began looking beyond ourselves to see how we could help others. The next few weeks and months were spent helping the Red Cross turn a local high school into a center where people without power could come shower and eat. We prepared food and served it, passed out blankets and medical supplies. We donated quilts and gloves; hats and coats. My boys and their dad went out on crews to cut down trees and help people salvage what was left of their homes on the Jersey Shore. 

Meanwhile, my friends at market had a difficult time getting home that year. One of whom was Linda Lum DeBono. Who had a spark of an idea by simply asking the question, how can we do more to help? She pitched this idea to the designers at Henry Glass and we all loved it! Of course, a book takes awhile to get to the publishing stage, but believe me, so does rebuilding the East Coast! I feel so honored to be able to work with the Red Cross in this endeavor. Having worked hand-in-hand with them through Sandy, I couldn't have more respect for an organization. 

They ROCK!

And the amazing thing about natural disasters is, you could be clearing away debris and looking at the havoc a storm has wreaked, and suddenly you see a bright little flower poking through the soil, and just like a ray of sunshine, hope blossoms in your soul. 

And that's what we tried to portray in this little quilt of ours for the book! We hope you love it as much as we do. As always, when we choose fabrics for a quilt, we like to start with the message we're trying to depict with the quilt. We love the brights and how they pop on a black background. We wanted this little quilt to be cheerful and happy!

Actually, I love how cheerful and happy the other projects in this book are too. 

Like Linda's cute little pillow!

And Heather's Funky Flowers!

We think you're going to LOVE this awesome book and all the happiness within its pages too. 

If you'd like to purchase one, click on over to ShopLizzieB to grab one for yourself! Heck, while you're at it, why don't you grab one for your friends too? We have special signed copies in our shop and for a limited time only, they are selling for a special introductory price of $19.95. Now that's a great price for a Christmas gift, don't you think??? Yeah, we thought so.

Have you seen all the blog posts so far? If not, it's not too late! Especially when there are prizes to be had!

What prizes you ask? 
Well for starters, ONE lucky winner will win an eBook of A Flair for Fabric from our friends at Martingale. I have a copy on my iPad myself and I have to say, it's pretty cool! 


Henry Glass will be giving one of our readers this cute little bundle of fabrics called "Let it Bee" by Shelly Comiskey.


....WE, the Lizzie B Girls, will be giving away...

What? A red bag?? 
Filled to the brim with Lizzie B goodies.
There will be a fun mix of fabrics and other mysterious goodies that I've been sworn to secrecy about. Honestly. If I told you, Beth would have to kill me. ;)

So all YOU have to do to be entered to win these fabulous prizes is simply leave a comment below and answer THIS question:

What inspires you most when starting a new project, a line of fabric? A certain color? A pattern or design?

We'd love to know!

Winner's will be chosen ONE WEEK from today.

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  1. What inspires me most is knowing the recipient's favorite color or colors and type of color -- bright, pastel, muted, neutral, etc. -- which helps me decide on the mood of the quilt. After that I can move forward with deciding on a pattern and selecting the fabrics. -- soparkaveataoldotcom

  2. I would have to say that a pattern is what usually inspires me to want to make something. But, every now and then, there will be a piece of fabric that just screams make something with this!!

  3. I think that a line of fabric sparks what I want to make. I see patterns and love them and then I see a line of fabric that I know will go with that pattern.

  4. All of the above. Sometimes the pattern draws me in, other times I will love a whole fabric line. Still other times I just want to make a "red and white" quilt. Depends on the weather I think.

  5. Fabric and the pattern guide me. Sometimes it is just the person I want to make something for, you know you see a fabric and think your sister would like that. Thanks for sharing.

  6. It usually starts with a line of fabric, then I mull it over looking through my patterns and go from there.

  7. Usually what decides me is a collection of fabric or if I saw a pattern that I fell in love with. Loving your sweet little wall quilt. I also love love love this fabric you are giving away. It's so sweet!!! I would also love to have the book! Thank you so much for this great giveaway!

  8. Any of the things you mentioned might inspire me. Or it could be a photo, a store display, nature, etc. Sometimes an idea seems to come out of nowhere and often those ideas are the best. Thanks for sharing the story about how the book came to be. Even though I've followed the blog hop I hadn't read all those details -- very inspiring!

  9. Has to be the fabric for me. Cute elf picture! Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. My inspiration usually comes with a pattern that has movement in the design. I love the movement you can see with your eye jumping around the quilt.
    Diana Cruz

  11. Usually it's a pattern - I love choosing just the right fabrics!!

  12. Pattern then fabric.

  13. I seem to get ideas early in the morning when brushing my teeth. The night before, I look at patterns, blogs, etc and the next morning, it all comes together!!!

  14. HI, I like to choose the pattern and then the most fun of all is deciding what fabrics to use!
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Usually pick the pattern (according to who it's going to be for...)...the the fabrics...usually a line that has the person's fave color...or style. :)

    LOOOOVE your Hope Quilt!! Perfect!!

  16. For me it is the fabric- then I find a pattern or an idea that fits it....maybe I am backward! LOL mumbird3(at)gmail(dot)com

  17. For me it's usually a pattern, then the fabric hunt begins! :o)

  18. Thank you so much for your giveaway. For me, it is usually the pattern. Then I start pulling the fabrics that I think would be beautiful to use in that project.

  19. it's generally the design that gets me going since I usually create an original design using my EQ7 software. Then I start auditioning fabric and go back and forth from my stash to EQ to try out different combinations. Such fun!

  20. A pattern will get me started and then I look for the fabrics that I want to use. That's the fun part!

    wlinda_ca at yahoo dot com

  21. Sometimes it is the design and the colors used that attract me. Sometimes it is the pattern. I sometimes see a fabric used that I have in my stash and the ideas start flowing. It is hard to say that there is one thing that makes me want to make a quilt, but I can't stop! And I won't!!!!! lol

  22. Usually it is a fabric or a color combination that start my creative juices flowing!

  23. It can be both a collection or a particular pattern or designer; any or all of these elements are inspirational. Your quilt is so pretty. The book has a wonderful story behind it.

  24. Usually I start with a pattern ... and from there the magic happens! I'm not a kit type of person. I enjoy the process of choosing fabric and making it all mine :o)

  25. Kaye M. tkmattson@hotmail.comDecember 3, 2014 at 8:56 PM

    Most of the time I see a pattern that I really like and go from there, but once in awhile I'll find a fabric that is amazing and then I'll hunt for a pattern that will show off this great fabric! Love your light-hearted designs!

  26. MMMMMMMMMM.....what inspires me......I have to say the pattern and what colors that were used....then I choice what colors I want to use.....

  27. Sometimes it's the fabric collection that inspires me to make something-other times it's a cool pattern that I've seen. Your book looks wonderful and has a great story behind it!

  28. Usually I plan by quilts by a certain color. I love to go to the yearly quilt show and get new ideas also!

  29. I am such a visual person, so seeing a pattern or design gives me the spark I need to start a new project. Then I like to put my own twist on it with different colors or textures and make it sparkle in a unique way. I like to use pinterest to collect ideas, too!

  30. I will see something peehaps a piece of fabric or a quilt or a pattern and my brain says, "you could ..." And I'm off and running which means spending money because I get the best ideas when I'm out - at a quilt shop or quilt show or sewing with friends. Thanks for the drawing.

  31. I am usually inspired by the pattern then I hunt for the perfect fabric.

  32. Finally, I got in to comment! Yay!!!! i'm inspired by the people whom i would be giving it to.

  33. I don't know for sure, it's always different for me. Sometimes it's something I see online, or a new product, or even a vacant spot on the wall or a table that inspires me to make something.
    hiwendyhi at yahoo dot com

  34. What inspires me? Believe it or not...babies! I'm much too old to have any more, but wrapping up a new babe in one of my quilts is the best gift for ME...because I know they will love it to death! That is, if Mom will let them drag it around! Babies..... :-) Thanks for the great ideas!

  35. I would have to say the line of fabric mostly, but colors play an important part also. Thanks for the chance to win, and I hope you have a great day. dawnm1993 at gmail dot com

  36. Usually it's the pattern which inspires me, but some other times the fabric's the one which attracted my attention first! Then it'll down to color theme, what other matching fabric I'd need to, ahemm, buy as well, and so on. Yes, sometimes I think I am addicted to fabrics more than I'm addicted to sewing ;)
    dieni.rachmawaty at gmail dot com

  37. My main inspiration is the person that the quilted item will be made for. Favourite colours, their decor or even their personality gives me clues as to what fabric to start with. Thanks so much for the fun giveaway.

  38. My first inspiration is usually the pattern, I see a pattern and want to make it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  39. I'm inspired when I see a pattern that I like. Then it's on to find the perfect fabric.

  40. I think all of the above inspires me! Most of the time I pick a fabric and add on from there:) Thanks Julie

  41. The fabric is what inspires me and then I look for a pattern to compliment it.

  42. A line of fabric always inspires me. It takes me a bit to find a pattern or design a pattern to fit the fabric.
    I remember Hurricane Sandy and it's devastation here on the east coast. Congrats on the book...what a beautiful story and recovery from such a horrific storm. Thank you for sharing that.

  43. Color always inspires me! And then there are special fabric lines that are released that I cannot wait to sew!

  44. I am usually inspired by a particular pattern or design. I often make my own patterns based off of features I like from other patterns.

  45. Usually it is the fabric, but there are some patterns that I am inspired by especially if they are ones made with the fabric that is my inspriration

  46. Sometimes a line of fabric, new pattern, or others creations. Sometimes a person inspires me too! thanks!

  47. I think of the person I am making for. Then I pick a pattern and branch out from there!!!!

  48. I get inspiration from the fabrics themselves. I collect them with no particular project in mind, but they always find some way to get used up! :)

  49. I am usually inspired by a line of fabric. Once I pick a fabric, the rest of it sort of comes together.

  50. I only have to see one piece of material and then the fun adventure of finding other materials begins! Thanks for the chance to wind.

  51. I usually first find a pattern I like and then go hunting for the fabrics.


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