Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's all about Red and White

So maybe you've noticed a bit of hype in blog and news-land recently about a big exhibit happening in New York City this month?  

I was recently in the city and noticed "Quilt" signs posted everywhere around the city to advertise this event.  I pointed it out to my husband saying, "Look, a quilt!" 
Well, he's used to this sort of thing, but mostly, I "see" quilts, or rather quilt designs,  in the way the sunlight hits a building, or patterns in a window, even textures in the gritty sidewalk.  So when he hears this sort of declaration, I think my dear hubby usually nods his head and mumbles, "uh-huh that's nice..." instead of trying to figure out the complexity of just WHAT I'm seeing and HOW it makes sense to him!  But this time, when I heard the usual mumble, I grabbed his arm, got his attention and made him LOOK at the sign!  "It's a REAL quilt this time!" I said.  Then I told him about the upcoming exhibit, and he was impressed.

If you haven't already's what's going on.  The American Folk Art Museum is sponsoring an EPIC quilt show at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City March 25-30.

What make's it so EPIC?  Well....

That's right....650 quilts all in Red and White, no two quilts are alike,  and they all belong to ONE collector, Ms. Joanna S. Rose.  Not to mention, just LOOK at how they've been arranged at the Armory!  It's going to be a fantastic site to behold.  The show was hung by a design firm called Thinc.  It looks amazing, and I for one, can't wait to see it!  

Raise your hand if you're going?! Will I see you there??? 

Am I a lover of red and white quilts?  Not necessarily.  But I'm a quilter, and I'm curious.  I LOVE the way Joanna describes her collection in an interview with Meg Cox (found in Quilter's Home Magazine Feb/March issue).  She said:

"I thought of having all these quilts--none of them priceless, none of them rare, all of them made at home by women raising children, keeping house while the world expanded around them..."

I wanted to raise my hand and say, HEY, THAT'S ME she's describing!  And I wanted to hug her at the same time for understanding just who we are.  

So thank you, Ms. Joanna Rose, for taking an interest in our art.  For understanding the heart of a quilter, for keeping and caring for your collection of quilts, but most of all, for sharing them with all of us.  

See you in NYC!


  1. oh how I WISH I could see these quilts in person! congrats to all of you who are lucky enough to be there!

  2. Soooo wish I could go! Totally my thing, must be the Canadian in we're taking over the world! muahahahaha

  3. I'll be there tomorrow. Can't wait. Kathie L in Allentown


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