Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's a Hip Happy Day!

It's here!  It's HERE!

It's always fun to get a package in the mail, right? 
But the ginormous box that was left on my porch today was super exciting!

I was on the phone with Liz when I happened to walk past my front door, and spied a HUGE box. One that had cleared through CUSTOMS! I knew what that meant....our sample fabric had arrived from the factory! Wooo! And though Liz wasn't there in person--- well, she kinda was.... 

Gotta love one of the features of the new iPhone... face-time!  We can see each other and chat at the same time.  Only this time it allowed Liz to see me open up the big ol' box and we oooooh-d and aaaahhhh-d over each bolt together. It's really fun to see our fabric come to life! Up til this point we have only seen it on the computer, on paper, and on teeny-tiny (I mean microscopic!) swatches of fabric.

So, my studio is graced with about 230 yards of bright, fun, happy FABRIC!

I've been waiting for it, so I can cut it up to make sample quilts for Spring Market.

Only, it's kind of hard to 
Cut. It. Up.

I think I need to just look at it for awhile.

(btw, if you need to make these cute lil' 
crocheted scissors, the instruction are here.)

Have a happy weekend!


  1. YAY! congrats, that is so fun!

  2. Yay for you ladies!! How exciting :) Can't wait to see what you develop with your new goodies! ... thank you for the scissors tutorial ... they're adorable :)

  3. I want some of that fabric. I want some of that fabric. I want some of that fabric. I want some of that fabric. I want some of that fabric. I want some of that fabric. Please. Can't wait to get some at my LQS!

  4. Can't wait to see what you make with the lovely fabric. When the rep was in the store I work in, the boss ordered this awesome fabric. And the laminate too. We are anxiously awaiting for our favorite driver to drop it off. ( Our favorite is the guy who drops off boxes of fabric).

  5. Oh I think I was having flashbacks to my youth looking at that fabric.. It looks so awesome.. and reminds me of my younger days.. back in the late 60's early 70s.. I can't see it as well as I wanted to.. I wanted to crawl into that picture!!

  6. Looks oh so yummy...I am so hip hip happy.


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