Monday, January 24, 2011

Warm Weather Chasing

Had to share this little snapshot of my weather this morning.  Should have taken it two hours earlier when it read THREE degrees.  SERIOUSLY?

As my husband (who grew up in So.Cal.) always says this time of year....
"Why did people SETTLE in this place???"

I suppose that's a question I ask myself even, once or twice a year.  Right now I'm looking across at the Delaware river which is practically frozen solid, and every parking lot has MOUNTAINS of snow you could probably ski down.  Not to mention the ongoing fight against snow melt and salt on my wooden floors!  Don't get me's beautiful out there.  As long as I don't have to actually GO OUT!

So THIS week...I'm exchanging THIS....

for THIS....

AHHHHH!  I know those temps sound like winter to YOU in Phoenix...but to me?  That looks like pure HEAVEN!  And when Beth said a couple of weeks ago, "Hey, we might be able to do a show in Phoenix, wanna come?"  I did NOT have to hesitate!

We will be at the Rusty Barn Quilt Craft and Sewing Festival in Phoenix this week.
Come see us if you're in the area!  Or better yet....hop a flight, escape the cold, and COME SEE US!

Now what to pack?  I don't even know how to DRESS in 70 degree weather any more! Is that flip-flop weather?  I can't remember.....


  1. Yes flip-flops!!! Warm weather. Think can remember warm weather right??
    Have fun.

  2. Have fun!! And be warm for me, sooooo flippin cold!


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