Friday, January 28, 2011

Quilt, Craft, Sew!

How would you like to be Queen for a Day?, at the Rusty Barn Quilt, Craft and Sewing Expo, we learned that just about EVERYONE we met would like to wear that crown.  

Today, Beth and I were the QUEEN B'S!  Compliments of Amanda Herring.
(I did try to use my Queenly status to part the minions waiting in line for the restroom telling them to make way for the Queen....after all, they were standing between me and my "throne"...but none of them were buying it.  Not sure why?  Maybe I need a Queenly Scepter!)

Seriously, cute or what???

We could have sold these at LEAST a 100 times over today!  And we PROMISED to post a link so those who were green with envy could find the pattern and make their own.  We've posted it on our website, but wanted to cover ALL our bases.  So here it is again....

The Amazing Amanda Herring's 
CROWN pattern:

Be sure and tell her who sent ya too.
The Queen Lizzie B's

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