Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keepin' Warm...

So it's another COLD wintery day here in PA...but I gotz my QUILTS to keep me warm!  
Last Wednesday, as my kids lazed around on their first snow of the year, a FUN package arrived at my door...

A FABULOUS box from Stitchin' Heaven FILLED with bits and pieces of BRIGHT, WARM, COLORFUL FLANNELS by Valori Wells!!!  Well it was JUST the thing I needed on that snowy day.

I looked at my machine and decided, it was time to CREATE something fun.  So I started whackin' up those bits of fabrics and sat at my colorful machine the rest of the afternoon...

And by evening, I had ALL the blocks done!

(They look a little dark in the evening light! Sorry...)

Does the pattern look at all familiar?  No?  It's our FREEBIE pattern 
"Baby, It's Cold Outside"!  
(find it under free project downloads on the right)

The next day I ventured out to find some flannel backing....

Cute or WHAT?  This simple pattern that Beth and I whipped up over Thanksgiving has been 
THE FAVORITE QUILT this season.  The kids fight over it.  Each one thinks it belongs to them.  Well, I'm not a stupid Mom (well, maybe sometimes!)...I knew another one was in order.  So when this package of flannels showed up on my doorstep, I was THRILLED there was enough fabric to make another.  And SO bright and cheery.  Who wouldn't want to wrap up in this on a cold, icy, snowy day such as the one I'm looking at right now outside my window????

Yesterday I got it pinned and quilted...

Just have ONE more corner to round on the binding before 
I can pop it in the wash to soften it up even more.   

Don't you LOVE that feeling of finishing something up?   

And the excitement of thinking WHAT you get to make next!

(and if you need help deciding THERE....don't forget our 25% off sale at ShopLizzieB!  Enter the code JANSALE.  Sale ends next week, so make sure you stock up on everything you've been wanting!)

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  1. That is soo cute and colorful...love it!!

  2. OMG! I love it!! The 2nd one is for me, right?! LOL just kiddin'...You know those are Valori's actual scraps she sent!

  3. I love your machine! Did you paint it or are those decals?


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