Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do the HUSTLE!

That's right everyone!  It's time to get down and BOOGIE!!!

A facebook friend of mine reminded me that today is an historical day. Here was her post...
(thanks Heather!)

Did you know....... that today is Disco Day? In 1963, the first real American
discotheque, Whiskey-A-Go-Go, opened on Sunset Boulevard in
Los Angeles, California. Celebrate today by dancing to your favorite disco music!

And JUST in case you FORGOT how to Hustle....enjoy this little how-to video!

I sent this video to Beth when we debuted our Whimsyland line...we went to market wearing funky Whimsyland bell bottoms!

Do you have a funny Disco story???  We'd LOVE to hear it!
Might even be worth a prize....

So what are ya waitin' for?  Flip on the lava lamp you KNOW you still have...get out the disco ball, turn up the TUNES and



And have a MARVELOUS 1-11-11 DAY.

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  1. there was a skating rink in ventura.. disco ball and all.. we'd go over with our neighbors at the time.. and disco skate. :0)

  2. Oh YEAH! I used to disco roller skate too! Saweeet memories. All decked out in my ditto jeans and rainbow shirt with 3/4 length sleeves....

  3. My sister, Janet, always loved to dance. She was a young mom with two kids around 5 & 8 when disco became popular. Twelve year old Teddy lived across the street and was a good dancer. One day Janet's husband came home from work to find Janet and a room full of kids getting a disco lesson from Teddy. Many years went by and at a wedding reception, someone tapped Janet on the shoulder and asked her to "hustle." It was Teddy all grown up and still a good dancer.

  4. Oh, I so Disco roller skated!! Yep! doubt I could still do it but, SISTER, I had the moves!

  5. OMG... I'm a New Jew-sey Dance Fever Disco running... GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Loved to do the hustle! Brings back fond memories!

  7. My story takes place at a time when we lived up in the mountains in a small community. When we joined our friends at the local tavern for dancing, we put on our favorite jeans, flannel shirts and stompin' boots. (yeah, we were hicks :p---you can see it coming, can't you LOL) While visiting my folks back in civilization, a friend invited me to go dancing...so picture me at the local disco bar dressed in...yeah, yeah I know, pathetic ROFL

  8. Funny, I was just pulling some of my Whimsyland yesterday. I turn on the Lava lamp when I cut it. Yes, I do have one, LOL.

  9. You know my disco story is current day...I have a 15 yo daught and she gets ever so embarrassed my my husband and I crank the radio and dance! She gets embarrassed even if there is noone around to witness it. We love to kick up our disco heels! We dance while cooking dinner, in the stores, we don't care nor do we look good but we are in love and want every one to know it!

  10. Ya know...The hustle kinda looks like the electric slide...I wanna learn! LOL

  11. Will I be banned if I admit I'm too young for the Disco craze? I was a child of the '80's electro-pop scene..... But I LOVED your bell-bottoms! (I was even accused of wearing some today myself!)

  12. Disco? Well, my prom date thought he could disco.

    I met "Bob" at my cousin's prom. He was nice and lived close to my very small school and so I invited him to my prom. Only later, he informed me he was 15 (he was very tall) so I had to drive us to the Prom. Well, that's an interesting development. Good thing I'm was a modern woman (at 16) so I had no problem driving me and my date to the prom. That was the foreshadowing of things to come.

    At that time, "outsiders" couldn't attend the Prom banquet so "Bob" and I went to the local Western Sizzlin' and dined. After our lovely dinner, we played a round of Putt Putt golf, of course, in our formals. I was winning, which "Bob" didn't appreciate because he was on the high school team. But I was "handicapped" by my formal which kept blowing in the way of my putts. "Bob" eventually prevailed and won the match.

    And our formals? Mine was a lovely plum crepe number. The skirt was not that full and it had tulip sleeves I remember. "Bob" had asked what color my dress was so he could get a tux to match - he showed up in a pale...yellow...tux. Are you getting the visual? It even had the yellow ruffles going down the front of the yellow shirt. Yellow and plum - sounds like a game of clue and I was on a Putt Putt date with Colonel Mustard.

    Eventually we made it to the Holiday Inn where the Prom was being held. It was a small crowd as there were only around 40 kids in the Junior and Senior classes combined. And, at my very small high school's prom, there just wasn't much dancing going on. Three couples at the most were on the dance floor. There was lots of room to boogie.

    And Bob was a nice, calm dancer. We were having a nice calm evening in our plum and yellow attire.

    But then, "Bob" left my side to boogie over to the opposite side of the dance floor. I stopped dancing, walked over to him, and questioned what was he doing?! He motioned me aside with his hands, told me to keep dancing so off I went to where I was dancing before. "Bob" bends his knees and in a kind of stand/squat position starts a sort of jerky hop and works his way across the dance floor. It was a bold move. It was an original move. I gazed out into the student body and the laughter was making the crowd go into spasms.

    It was a memorable dance/prom for me. I still laugh when I think about "Bob" and having to drive him to the dance, Western Sizzlin' and a competitive round of Putt Putt golf. But thank goodness he saved his "disco" moves for an audience. We needed witnesses for his spastic dancing. I laugh when I think about it and I'm sure the other attendees do too! The End.


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