Friday, October 22, 2010


YIPPEE!  It's FRIDAY!  What is it about Friday?  It's honestly just the BEST day of the week, don't you agree?  And since it's going to be SUCH a great day....I can feel it, can't you?....we've FINALLY.  CHOSEN.  OUR.  FABRIC. WINNERS!!!!  WOOOOOHOOOO!  (We used to help us randomly pick the winners....)


You're the next LIZZIE B WINNERS!  We've got bundles of fat 8ths headin' your way!
Please email us your details at!

We are SO excited to finally be giving away our fabric!  Beth had to hole up in her cabin this week just to get it all cut up.  Yay Beth!  And.....look what ELSE that little busy B has been up too....

You may have already seen THIS little cutie that she made with our NEW laminates....

But she LOVED making it SO much she just HAD to make another....

She's ALSO whipping up one of our CUTE Easy-Breezy Backsacks....which I don't have a pic of yet, BUT, look at THIS!

Is that the CUTEST thing or WHAT???  Our VERY CREATIVE Beth has taken ALL the scraps from the laminates and is making these ADORABLE little zipped pouches!
And guess what?  YEP, you guessed it, we'll have 'em at HOUSTON FESTIVAL 
available for purchase!

Are ya doin' the Happy FRIDAY FUNDAY dance yet?

So last late night reading....who doesn't love to snuggle up with a book before bed?  I pulled out a new book I got and started flipping through it.  I just bought this on Amazon, thought this sounded very interesting....

Ok, maybe NOT the best for late night reading, but it DOES have some FANTASTIC pictures...don't ya just LOVE a book with pics?  Anyway, this little pic caught my eye...

And below it was a list of HOW the right brain functions....

And I just HAD to LAUGH!  I mean, I always knew I was right-brained...but THIS definition coulda had my NAME on it!  

Then I turned the page and the title said,

"How Doing Math Made Me a More Happy Productive Artist"

And THAT'S when I decided it was time to CLOSE the book and go to BED!


Alright, alright....I'll go back and read it.  Sometime.  But I'll tell ya what, my happy right brain really doesn't WANT to!  And can you blame it?  When I could just sit at my desk all day long and stare at 

Yeah, I thought you'd agree!

HAVE A FANTASTICAL, FABULOUS, FUN, FRIDAY FUNDAY!!!!  And congrats to our winners....

P.S.  If you're a blogger....leave your blog address in a comment so we can add you to our growing LIST!  AND....don't forget to subscribe to our blog! THANKS Create-a-trons!


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  2. Yeah I won something - first time for a blog give away! Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket now! And as for right brain - YIKES - that is me also! Love your blog and your work! My blog is


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