Monday, October 25, 2010

Branding BABY!

So here's the know that the Lizzie B's do NOT live close by each other, right?  Beth is in AZ, and Liz (me!) is in PA.  And when our fabric gets shipped, it gets shipped to Beth.  Mostly, just out of logistics....gotta get samples made and ready to get to Houston, which geographically, is closer to AZ, right???  But this is a BIG bummer in more than one way.  First....I haven't been able to see, touch, feel or work with our new fabric line, and WON'T see it in person until YOU all do in Houston!  Second....poor Beth has the task of making ALL the samples BY HERSELF!  And she's probably SICK of seeing, touching, feeling our fabric already!  (NO! That can't be!)  But let me tell you, she is a CRAZY busy B!  I got this text last night at 10:30....

Yes...she DID folks....she BRANDED that cute little UMBRELLA she made!  
And when Beth opens a bottle of white paint????  Oh boy....
it's like me with the Sharpies.
Can't WAIT to see what else she Lizzie B'd!

This time, we're sharing a truck with some other quilters in the industry and we have a driver swinging by to pick up all our "junk"!  He's supposed to arrive at Beth's house sometime today.

Here's our driver Brian....HI Brian!  Thanks for schleppin' all this stuff to Houston for us!!!

Until then, Beth will be doing last minute sewing, box counting, quilt folding and packaging, pattern loading, and...knowing Beth....painting something fabulous for the booth!
Then after today.....?

Beth will be able to breatheeeeeee.  For a few short days anyway....until we catch our flights.

And I say GOODBYE to THIS...

And HELLO to THIS....

Stay tuned for all the happenings at Market 2010!


  1. Good luck Lizzie B Gals! Go rock that Houston!
    ~ Wendy @ The Fabric Quarter (Santa Barbara)

  2. can't wait to see all the photo updates you share. :0)
    and all the fun things that will be "introduced"!! :0)

  3. Safe travels to Beth and Liz. Will look forward to seeing your posts from the show.

  4. Good Luck Girls, have a safe trip. We cant wait to see the posts from the show. I wish Brian could come pick Belle and I up and take us to the show!!!


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