Thursday, October 21, 2010

READY for the BIG REVEAL???!

So, if you've been following the Lizzie B know that we are HORRIBLE bloggers!  Ok, maybe not HORRIBLE, but certainly not consistent.  Well that's about to CHANGE!  And that's not all...we have BIG things in store here at Lizzie B and we just can't wait to share them with all our friends!  Are you ready??? come DREAM, LAUGH and CREATE with us!  Have you noticed a few changes on our blog?  The header, for instance?  That's our NEW tagline!  And we're SOOO excited about it.  We think these three words pretty much sum up Lizzie B Cre8ive and what we've set out to do.  And what we LOVE about these words is that they are VERBS....ACTION WORDS.  They inspire us to get up and go, DREAM up new things, LAUGH about our pitfalls and mistakes, and CREATE things that brighten up our lives and everyone around us.  Now we want YOU all to be a part of our movement!  And to get you as excited and hyped up about it as WE are, we've provided a few little goodies.  Wanna see?


Don't they just make you smile?


Dream. Laugh. Create. Vinyl project pouches! 
Just IMAGINE all the fun stuff you can put in these babies!

But wait, there's MORE....

LIZZIE B pencils and little notebooks!
Perfect for jotting down all those little ideas that hit wherever you may be.

But that's not all...oh no, that's not all!
(and these are really our fav's!  If you KNOW us, you'll know why....)

 52 oz. LIZZIE B BUBBA'S!!!!  Massive insulated mugs....
are they CUTE or WHAT!?!

Are you excited yet?  'Cuz we're schleppin' ALL this cute stuff to HOUSTON FESTIVAL where you can SHOP to your hearts content!  Just look for BOOTH 662 and THIS....

Only, um, it'll be hanging ACROSS our booth, not on the floor! :)

Not going to Festival?  No worries!  We'll be putting them on our shoplizzieb site as well.  You'll have to be a little more patient for us to get 'em posted to our shop....but they'll be there soon!

Meanwhile, keep checking back!  We're still adding fun stuff to our a Flickr group, so you can share your dreams, laughs and creations with us,  and other fun links.  And you KNOW we keep you all up to date on the MARKET scene!  This year at market, we're we'll be wandering with our cameras in hand, ready to shoot the latest and greatest.  Stay tuned!

And get ready to Dream. Laugh. and Create!  


  1. woot woot!! I'm in line..... darn.. I won't be at Houston...
    hurry up and update your site!!! :0)

  2. Great stuff!! I've made the Create and Dream wall hangings and LOVE them. I need some of this cute stuff! Look forward to seeing the goodies posted soon!

  3. You couldn't have had this ready for the show in Oaks, PA? You're killing me.

  4. What a great logo! Can't wait to see them in person - hope you will have them in Tucson in January, or maybe even at Bella Quiltworks!

  5. I'm a big fan. I've done the Daydreamin' Daisies (my favorite thing I EVER made!) and I've nearly finished the Listen to Your Heart top. After finding my way to your website, I'm drooling over all the fabulous patterns. What to do next?!

    Unfortunately Houston is way out of my plans, I'll just dream . . . and wait for blog pics! LOVE the logo.


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