Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cre8in' in the Kitchen....

Fall....leaves....mums....pumpkins....all our friends are either already IN Houston or on their way TO Houston.  Well, since we are going a little later, not having a booth, we can relax (haha, sort of!) another day or two before we leave.  And today, since all the reports comin' in from Houston say it's hot and humid (ick!) I thought I'd enjoy a little more fall here on the East Coast!  Time to be CREATIVE in the KITCHEN.  And it HAD to be something pumpkin...'Tis the season, after all, right???

So I grabbed a can of this...

Mixed it with a bunch of other yummy stuff to make this....


Which are really just an excuse to make this....


And the result???  Is this...


A friend of my mom's used to make these for us and bring them over ALL the time!  They were a real treat and something to look forward to every Fall season.  

I found THIS recipe here: The Tasty Kitchen

Which is a FABULOUS site for recipes if you haven't found it already!  In this recipe, I cut down the oil and added fat free vanilla yogurt instead, and did the little egg white thingie, cuz 4 eggs???  That's alotta eggs!  I also added nutmeg and cloves....I like my pumpkin spicy.

Now I'm off to share these with a friend.  Don't you wish you lived next door???


  1. I was up baking cookies at midnight. Thought about you girls!

  2. yes I do! Have you tried pumpkin fudge? It is also really tasty!

  3. I do wish I lived next door!!! That would go awesome with my coffee right now!

  4. PUMPKIN FUDGE???? Oh no....back to the kitchen!


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