Friday, October 29, 2010

Almost TIME!

That little second hand just keeps on tickin' away....and it's JUST about time for Beth and I to be flyin' off to join the fun at the International Quilt Market in Houston...

This could be my very plane!!!  We can't wait to get goin' and see all our friends in the 
industry and most of all SEE WHAT'S NEW!

I whipped up an Amy Butler bag last night...just in case I need a cute "carry all" for all the fun stuff I find!  Yeah, nothin' like whippin' up a last minute bag....

It's a cute little shopper, doncha think?  The pattern is called Birdie Sling,  just click on the 
name if you want to find the pattern.  You've probably all made it a million times before!  
I have to admit, it was pretty fun to make.  I haven't made a handbag in a long time.
We sort of got burned out of bag making after making 100's of samples of OUR bags for 
Sample Spree at Market!

I was flipping thru a magazine yesterday and saw this little handy tool...

I took a pic and shot it off in a text to Beth...wouldn't this be the PERFECT tool for holding PINS??
We're always looking for something to make putting up a trade show booth EASIER...and
we'll tell you what, those little dinky pin cushions for your wrist?  They pop right off!  AND what's worse?  You poke your wrist right through the cushion!!!  
That's why I'm lovin' the idea of this industrial magnetic wristband from Magwear I found 
'em on Amazon if you're interested!

So we've just about crossed EVERYTHING off our to-do list.  WOOT WOOT! 
Got a pile started that has to somehow fit in a suitcase.

Here's one of 'em!  Market goes over Halloween this time....and I have a feeling there are gonna be a LOT of fun ghosts and ghouls!  Keep checkin' back here, 'cuz we're going to be snapping pics like crazy!  And keepin' you all up to date, of course....

And I still have to do a little project with THESE before I board the plane tomorrow.  Can you even GUESS what I've got in mind for these???  Oooooh, we're gettin' CRE8IVE for sure!

Then Beth just added ONE.  MORE.  THING.  to MY list.....

Gotta swing by my local CHOCOLATE shop here in New Hope, PA.
Because, I just found out that yesterday was National Chocolate Day....we got some catchin' UP to do!
I swear, Pierre's chocolates are the BEST!
And that's saying a lot, considering I used to LIVE in France/Switzerland!

No complaints about my newly added task from THIS Lizzie B.

Stay tuned this week for Market updates AND don't forget to check out the Blogger Quilt Festival!  It started TODAY and you should SEE the quilts already....SO FUN!  I'm getting my blog ready to post while we're at market....can't WAIT to read about all the cool quilts in the Festival.....

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  1. Have fun! I can't wait to hear back from all of you! I will be checking this throughout the weekend! I am so excited for you and Julie and whoever else is going from our Guild!


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