Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh the Places we Go....

So's countdown to Houston for a bunch of us in the biz.  I'm sure you've heard the buzz on blogs, facebook, name it!  It's all about the "crunch" time before we step on our flights all blurry-eyed from lack of sleep getting ready and most likely, still binding quilts on the plane.  It's a glamourous life, is it not?  But one of the BEST things about market is meeting up with all your quilty friends again!  And TODAY....a few days before I go...I'm meeting one of these friends here....

Woohoo!!!  I'm goin' to a QUILT SHOP!  
You KNOW it's gonna be a good day when you get to meet a friend at a quilt shop 
and then do lunch! (I've been given STRICT instructions NOT to enter the store until my
friend shows that's just torture.)

This is a shop in Pennington, NJ...which I found out is only 20 MINS from my house.  YEEESSSS!  AND  I only hear great things about this store.  Maybe you've heard it mentioned with Mark and Jodie on Quilt Out Loud

They just recently filmed at this shop, and I know it's one of Mark's favorites, so I'm excited to go see it for the first time!  AND....I'm meeting my pal Sherry Cowley....a quilt friend whom we ALSO met because of Mr. Mark Lipinski!  It's kind of a funny story actually.  Sherry lives in NJ...but we MET her in Long Beach, CA!  She came to find our booth at the festival there and meet us because Mark told her she should.  Thanks Mark!  We LOVE Sherry! (She often shows up at quilt shows in the area with LARGE Diet Cokes for us Lizzie b girls....) 

If you watch Quilt Out Loud, you might remember the FIRST episode?  Well, here's Mark and Jodie shooting the first episode and guess where they're sitting?

Sherry's SUNROOM!  
Yep, they shot the first episode all over her house.

And have you listened to Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski yet?

If so, you may have heard BOTH Sherry and I chatting with Mark!
Sherry is the one who talked about guilds, 
since that's where Mark and Sherry met, at their local quilt guild!

By the way....Mark's radio show is on TODAY LIVE from 3pm-5pm EST.  
Click on the link above, and it'll take you right to his show.  You can listen in live, OR
if you're not near a computer at that time, you can catch up via podcast later.

You can be sure I'LL be listening in today because guess who he's got comin' to talk to him???


From Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC.....easily my family's FAVORITE STOP when we're 
in the Big City!

Now that I have my entire day mapped out for me.....friend, quilt shop, lunch, Creative Mojo......I guess I'd better get CRACKIN'!  

Hope you've got something fun planned for the day too.....

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