Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in Houston, BABY!

Wooohoo!  This was our first time bein' at Market over Halloween....and how fun to walk around wearin' a costume...collecting chocolate from everyone's booths AND seein' everyone ELSE in costume???

Not EVERYONE chose to go incognito....

Here we are with Jodie Davis....had a fun chat in the hallway while they were settin' up the cameras for QNN TV.

We totally had a FUN chat with Mark Lipinski earlier in the day....he was iChatting at the 
All American Crafts booth.  We SOOO miss Mark here in Houston! (tomorrow, we're gonna try to snag his cardboard cutout again and walk around with him...)

Patty Young and hubby.....we vote BEST costume award!  We shoulda got a pic of the shoes...dang.

Gina Halladay sportin' a cool cap....lotsa ric-rac and Amy Butler modeling Gina's cat-eyes!

Here's Beth with Amy holding up her AWESOME quilt that's soon to be a FREE
DOWNLOAD on her site...better keep checkin' back, you're gonna want it!

Seriously the COOLEST yo-yo's we've EVER seen!
And by the way....Amy FINALLY won a booth award.  Would you believe it's her FIRST?
She won for BEST double booth...congrats AMY!

Speaking of awards...we were told they were looking for the Lizzie B booth while judging booths....
We told 'em we needed to give others a chance...LOL! 

And here's the winner of the coveted Creativity award....

Jenean Morrison for Westminster!

LOVED her bike...

Nothin' like a bit of fabric and Mod Podge!

We passed by the Ty Pennington booth.  Unfortunately, he was here while we were still flyin' in.
Our kids were totally BUMMED, they wanted autographs!

Loved the Michael Miller booth with the prom dresses.


We weren't quite sure what this glass booth was at MM...see the woman inside trying to catch all the papers flying around?  Think she was tryin' to win somethin',
but it totally reminded me of "Get Sticky with Mickey" from the movie Matilda!

Had to stop by Tula Pink's booth of course...(we'd heard she had totally cool PINK M&M's! It was 
trick or treat day after all....)

Then we hung out at Amanda's booth of The Quilted Fish

Totally SWEET!

Ok, well her fabric line is called Sweet Divinity, with Riley Blake AND she had
homemade DIVINITY!
It was divine....take our word for it.

Here's her NEW line....Sugar and Spice.  
Amanda, you're fabulous, REALLY!

We ended our day at Chuy's, a FUN Mexican eatery.  We had a party of 20+ because, ya know, 
it's all about gettin' together with fun friends in the industry!

I loved the ceiling above our table....


But now that we're back at the hotel...catchin' up on Twitter, facebook and bloggin', we decided it was time to break out the VITAMINS.
Gotta keep up our strength, ya know!

Milk chocolate for strong bones, dark chocolate for a healthy heart, and sea salt....minerals!

It's all good.


  1. oh it looks like fun!! So sad I had to miss, but Shelby is having a really hard time her missionary left for the MTC on Wednesday and we have had many tears shed. Take lots of pictures I will check back later!:)

  2. Love the box of chocolate - a well rounded meal for the end of the day!

  3. Wish I was there to explore all the new fabric and gadgets. I'm glad you are there to keep us updated.

  4. Have to take the "Vitamins" every day ya know. LOL :) Amazing booths and fabrics, thank you for the tour.


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