Monday, December 22, 2014

A Flair for Fabric Bloghop WINNERS!

Hello quilty peeps!

It's true, our bloggy hop ended a couple of weeks ago and we are now just posting our winners. Sorry! We got carried away with holiday shopping and wrapping and baking and crafting and Hallmark Channel movie watching and.....well, you get the picture. 

But what would make a holiday happier? A Christmas merrier? A Santa jollier?

Well this, obviously...

And....being declared a winner of a blog hop, of course!

So without further ado,
the winners are:


Emails have gone out to both of you, we'll need your addies to send the goodies!

And before we go here, we must apologize for all the difficulties people had in posting on our blog. We finally figured out what the problem was! The link that our fellow designers posted on their blogs was a link to our WEBSITE (yeah, we've been around long enough to still have one of those, haha!) and although you can SEE the blog on our website, it's a "read only" version. SORRY we didn't catch that sooner! Like before we posted! Anyway, you all used your creative brains and posted through the website, so kudos to all of you for finding a way to post. We chose one winner from those posts, and one from the blog comments. 

Thank you ALL for participating! 

We hope you all enjoy this wonderful time of year.


Liz & Beth

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