Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Ok, so "Fabric" didn't rhyme with Dinner. If you'd rather have a chicken dinner INSTEAD of fabric however, please let us know! ;)

Sorry we're behind on picking a winner for the...

But we've GOT one now!  AND if you hurry and contact us with your address, you might even get your lovely fabric before Christmas!

And the WINNER IS....

Best: a bicycle =) Worst: a shower curtain =(... 

Wow! A shower curtain! Hope it was a nice one, haha! Or that your gifts have at least gotten better through the years.

Have a Very Merry Christmas Everyone!

The Lizzie B's


  1. Thank you for hosting the giveaway. Congratulations to the winner Ellee

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for this wonderful surprise! The fabrics are so absolutely beautiful and definitely the colors I like to work with -- perfect for a baby quilt for my new granddaughter who is due to be born in April. I will be eagerly checking the mailbox every day awaiting its arrival.

    And thank you for your kind words, Tammy. Your thoughtful acknowledgement is heart-warming.

    As for that infamous shower curtain, it was a gift from my husband -- who soon after became an ex-husband. The shower curtain was cute with brightly colored fish and served its purpose well while it lasted, but certainly not what I would ever have ever expected for a Christmas gift. Flash forward: I am now married to a wonderful man -- an insightful mutual friend played matchmaker. No more sucky gifts for me! And no more sucky husband for me either!


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