Saturday, December 7, 2013

Today's OUR Day! And a Giveaway!

Hey!  Today is our day!
We're featured on the Henry Glass Blog
for the Holiday Party (click *here*)!

Have you entered to win prizes?  All you need to do is check out the blog post on the Henry Glass Blog for each day of the holiday party and post a comment.  Then you'll be entered to win some PRETTY fabric bundles!  Plus, there are prizes to be one one some of the designer blogs as well.  

For instance, since today is OUR day, we thought we'd celebrate with a GIVEAWAY too!
I mean, after all, it's a HOLIDAY party, right?  Who doesn't want a present?

SO, here's what we wanna know.  Are YOU naughty or nice?  Haha!  Answer ONE of the questions that WE had to answer:

1. What was your favorite gift? Worst?
2. Early or late shopper? Earliest or latest that you've shopped?
3. Favorite holiday drink? Alcohol or none? Recipe?
4. Are you likely one to return a present or to suck it up and keep it?
5. As a child were you likely to make the naughty or nice list?

Leave your answer in a comment and you'll be entered to win a fabulous bundle of our 
Hip Happier fabric!

You have until the 9th to enter, same rules apply as on the Henry Glass blog.

So go ahead and tell us, are you...


  1. 3. Favourite holiday drink has to be damson gin! Homemade of course!

  2. Worst gift was from my MIL which had a gift tag already with her name on it, so I received a regifted present which she apparently didn't want!

  3. Skateboard, Early shopper - shop all year, Egg nog, keep it, nice list.

  4. I would say as a child I was on the NICE list most of the time. :)

  5. I was always nice as a child but now as an adult maybe naughty.

  6. My favorite holiday drink is eggnog - without.

  7. Okay, the latest that I have shopped for christmas was about a week before one year.

  8. I am Nice - I had the four brothers to do Naughty! thanks!

  9. Best: a bicycle =) Worst: a shower curtain =(... -- soparkaveataoldotcom

  10. My favorite holiday drink is egg nog with a splash of run and nutmeg sprinkled on top.

  11. I only return a present if it is the wrong size. I know that when I receive a gift it has been thoughtfully chosen and I will keep it.

  12. Definitely brothers were the naughty ones. I usually shop early...this year is an exception, I am ready to hit the panic button. I don't do alcohol...I've seen it at it's worse, I like egg nog on the rum. Times were tough for my parents way back when my 4 siblings and I were young. One year my gift was a piece of fabric...I was about 10 years old...back then I thought it was the worst gift but today I would love to get fabric. I was nice about it as my Mom tried her best, to save money she made most of our clothes. She was an excellent seamstress and I learned a lot from her...sewing, cooking, baking, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, she shared all her talents with us girls...I am very greatful for everything she taught me. I hate returning things...Sherry said it perfect!! Happy Holidays, Pauline

  13. I have several favorite gifts but the first that stands out was getting my first bicycle. The worst gift I got was from a friend who gave me a very modern looking vase and when she handed me the gift said I know this isn't your taste but I thought it would look good in your house. I kept it around for a couple years but eventually gave it to Goodwill as I really knew I would never use it. I can be an early or late shopper and have been known to still be buying a couple things on Christmas Eve but that is very rare. I don't usually buy anything before December because I am always afraid whatever I buy for someone they will get it for themselves if I buy it too early. My favorite holiday drink is a punch that I make with cranberry juice, apple juice and 7-up. It does not have any alcohol but I have been accused several times of putting alcohol in it. Somehow the combination of things if done right makes it taste that way. It also is a very pretty red color for Christmas. I have never returned a present just exchanged if it did not fit or was a color I did not like. In my mind I was on the nice list but others may tell you a different story.

  14. 3. Best drink ever is egg nog--no alcohol, just thick sweet creamy goodness.

  15. My worst present ever came from my future husband (of 35 years!). He went to an all night drugstore on Christmas Eve and bought me really random stuff (a glass egg, a cookie sheet, a timer- very random). Now he lets me help him!

  16. As a child I was always nice during the holiday season.

  17. Worst gift? It was receiving nothing from my husband a few years ago.


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