Monday, April 9, 2012

Aurifil Designer of the Month - April

Yes. I wrote this book.
Ok, not really, but I think I
COULD have written it!

I've been SUCH a blog slacker.

And see, I could even one up that 
and admit I'm a 
"highly successful" blog slacker!

I'm sure I could even give you
5 Habits of a blog slacker.
Let's see:

1. Read lots of other blogs, 
while ignoring the inner nag to blog yourself.
2. Use your kids as an excuse
3. Spend all hours on facebook and/or Twitter
4. Spend hours wasting time finding inspiration on Pinterest 
5. Don't go near your computer because it keeps screaming at you to blog. Sew instead.

Do YOU have 5 Slacker Habits?
Please tell me you do.  
I can't be alone in this slacker world
of mine, can I???

But I digress.
I'm REALLY here to introduce 
our April
AURIFIL Designer of the Month.
So.  Without further ado....


 Gail Pan who hails from 

Hop on over to the Aurifil Blog
by clicking *here*. And
learn all about Gail.

Her block is SO sweet!

Spring showers.  
Isn't that adorable??

And don't forget to 
check out the flickr page to see 
all the blocks people have done. 
upload YOUR blocks as well!

Ya wanna win, don't ya???

Meanwhile. I shall try to be 
less slackerly and get my
blog on.

(Hmmmm...wonder what's happenin' on 

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  1. Like you girls don't have enough to do except blog? You make me smile! See you in KC!


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