Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grim Grinning Ghosts

Hooray for Halloween! 

It's almost here and I gotta say, I LOVE this holiday.
I've got my house decorated, my Halloween playlist set on repeat, (yes, I have a Halloween playlist!  Superstition by Stevie Wonder?  Hello!), spiders for the kids lunches, bags and bags of candy (mostly chocolate, of course), and costumes ALMOST done!

However.  Nobody, but nobody does Halloween like my good friend Jean.  She SPECIALIZES in Halloween!  She sent me pics of her Halloween this year and since she doesn't have a blog (which I keep begging her to do!) I just have to share her brilliant creativity with you.  Get ready to be inspired!  Or totally creeped out....

First, the outside of the house...

Holy bats batman!

This guy greets you at the front door.  YIKES!

I'm pretty sure I have this on my garage too judging from the webs I keep walking through....ick.

Now let's go inside...

I've heard of skeletons in your closet, but in your granny's rocker?

Lots of crows and witches...

In case you need a place to hang your hat and broom....
or chain?

A witch has gotta be ready to fly...

Over the kitchen table...notice the blood dripping from the utensils on the wall in the background!  Yum.

Ok...I just love the posed skeleton...he's so striking!  ;)

And my ALL time fav....

The seriously creepy massive shadow up the stairs!
The only thing worse is knowing that thing is in your closet.

Give my friend Jean a round of applause!  Is she amazing or what?
But that's not all.  Oh no.  
Every year she has a "Gross Out" dinner.  

This year she sent invites that look like a lab experiment with a couple of microscope slides containing gross stuff!  Eeew!
And the invites say this:

The harvest moon's upon us and that means just one thing.
It's time to grab your barf bag and watch your face turn green.
The "GROSS OUT" I am planning and you will not want to miss.
Cuz this year's fare will please you with its culinary bliss.
Of course I'll tempt your taste buds with delicious tasty fare.
Like cockroach soup and peeling flesh and piles of armpit hair.
In case your mouth's not watering, in case you're not yet sick,
We'll also serve plucked eye balls, and scabs just freshly picked.
I'm sure that makes you hungry. I'm sure you cannot wait.
So join us late October for the finest on your plate.


I know you all want an invite.

Don't feel too bad. I can't make it to the gross out either! Not only does my pal live in a totally different state than me, but on the night of her Gross Out din, I'll be in Houston.

We'll be bloggin' and posting all the happenings at Quilt Market so stay tuned.  For QUICK updates, "like" our Facebook page, or follow us on twitter.

I'll be sure to get picks....I mean, pics....of the Gross Out dinner from Jean too....I KNOW you'll want to see those.

Stay tuned!


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