Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh CHRISTMAS tree, Oh...


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Now for a little more Christmas goofiness.  I have to tell you about my tree.

We LAUGHED our heads off putting up the tree this year.  And let me tell you why.

We have an artificial tree...not because I like them better, but because we're all horribly allergic to fresh cut trees when they're in the house (took a few years with lots of illness around Christmas, and a smart pediatrician to figure this out!) But I love to decorate the house with trees and put little one's up everywhere too...

This is our Mickey tree, because we've spent a couple of years at Disney World over Christmas, and this is the little tree we would take with us.

And the snowflake tree that I talked about yesterday.

I also have small kitchen trees on the counters and in the windowsill.  They're just so pretty with their twinkling lights! 

As for our MAIN tree, we've had a BEAUTIFUL 9-ft. pre-lit tree for the past eight years, but every year, we get more and more sections of the darn lights that start giving out. Last year, my dh spent a whole WEEK testing and replacing bulbs and STILL ended up just buying new strands of lights to throw on the tree instead!

So THIS year, he decided it was time to get a new tree.  And started shopping around.
Well, we noticed that there's a new TREE TREND this year....they're all skinny trees!  Unless you're buying them under 9-ft, they just didn't have the same big round bottom like our last tree.  Well after a few days of looking at options, my hubby calls me into his office and exclaims, 
"Wow...just LOOK at this tree!  2200 lights!"


Next thing I know, it's sitting in two boxes on my doorstep in all it's 200 lb. glory.

The problem was...even with a ladder,  with my son who's 6'2", we still couldn't get the top half decorated!  So...we needed a solution.

I scrounged a wire tape, which is ALWAYS near, and the telescopic light-bulb changing pole!

It was my daughter Sienna's brilliant idea to bend the tip at the end (she's an experienced retail clothes shopper...!)  making it easier for the ornaments to slide off the hook.

Here she is attempting to use the new creatively improvised decorating tool!

And a little video of her in action...

Oops!  And Part 2...

I had to stop filming, I was starting to laugh and the camera was going to shake like mad!

Anyway....with a little practice, our new tool worked wonders.  It was SO much fun decorating the tree this year!  And yes, it is HUGE!  But it's tall and skinny, so it actually LOOKS like it doesn't take up that much space.

However, you can see it in the window like a 2200 light beacon 
from the streets in the town below our house.  

Still making us laugh!


  1. Awesome Tree! Everyone will be wanting one in your neighborhood now. Sure brought laughs when the "New invention" was being used. Sounded like everyone was having a Great time and that is what Christmas is all about. Merry Christmas to your Family and Happy New Year!
    PS Love reading your blogs!

  2. Ha ha! We need a new tree as the artificial one we bought in 1994, now sheds plastic pine needles as if it were a real tree. It's looking kinda sad. So my husband says "what about a taller tree next time?" And I'm like "and I can't decorate an 8 ft. tree so how will I decorate an even taller tree?" Bingo! I'll have to show him your video and he can create a special tool to get those ornaments on the tree! My super long handled barbecue tongs that I use to put stuff up in the kitchen cupboards just won't work for a big tree. Gosh, I do wish I were taller sometimes. :-)

  3. What a beautiful tree! We went out this morning and cut 2 trees in the woods behind our house. One will be for the family room and one will be in the kitchen. Let the decorating begin!

  4. What a beautiful tree - can't wait to hear you on Pat's show!

  5. wow...... my little 4ft pre lit.. is nothing compared to your tree!!

  6. I love all the trees and decorations. While the 15' one is very impressive, I think my favorite is the snowflake tree.

  7. What a great space you have for such a lovely tall tree! And your clever daughter saved the decorating day.


  9. Great job on the radio today. I will be tuning in next week. I have been having a great time with the Henry Glass Project Parade. Thanks for your part. Happy Holidays!

  10. I enjoyed your subbing for Pat today. Good job with the Bari interview and with a second half hour on your own projects and lives. Look forward to next week. Kathie L in Allentown

  11. WOW! That's some tree. You've got such a beautiful home from what we can see. That's awesome you can get a tree that tall inside. The home I grew up in could have handled that as well because it had very high open beam ceilings but not in my house. I'd have to cut a hole in my roof and then the tree would probably stick through that as high as what was still inside. LOL It's beautiful.

  12. Wow! What a great tree...I can't imagine all the time and energy that took getting it to look so fantastic..very impressive,

  13. Priceless!! Love those awesome family memories!!

  14. Loved your radio show - great job hosting your first time! I loved your outfits even though we couldn't see you! What a great partnership you have with each other - keep up the good work!


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