Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Philly Christmas!

I declare today to be PAJAMA day!  
Who's with me???

Just having one of those mornings that stretch out forever.  It all started with a text from my oldest son at 5:50 am.  Yes, we live in the same house.  But, you know, if you're gonna wake your mom up at an ungodly hour, texting is probably the safe way to go!

At that time in the morning, you think he'd be texting me to tell me he's sick and can't go to school right?  No.  He was letting me know that Christmas has come early to Phillies fans everywhere!

Then my younger son came bounding up the stairs a half hour later all decked out in Phillies sportswear...."Mom, did you hear????"

So I had to text my dh who happens to be in Europe.....and he just had to call.

All my boys are as excited as, well, as little boys at Christmas!

Why?  Well, I won't bore you with baseball politics.  But, that gives Phillies fans FOUR ACE pitchers.  The Fab Four.  And Mr. Lee said no to the Yankees, just so he could come back to Philly.  (Insert the Hallelujah Chorus here). Needless to say...there is some serious excitement in the air!  And probably a few calendars in my household alone already counting down the days to spring training.

So what was a mom to do?  She got up and started baking of course.  And while the scent of spicy pumpkin bread wafted through the house, I decided to work on this....

A Christmas quilt kit I bought back in August at Fresh Picked Fabrics, Gina Halladay's shop!

Got the top finished up this morning.  Been a good mornin' huh?

A close-up of this AWESOME retro Christmas fabric from Sheri Berry Designs!

Then I had to nibble on a little of this...

Shortbread toffee bars I made for my daughter's Birthday last night.

She's not a big "cake person".  But these shortbread toffee bars?  I have to make a few batches each year for Christmas because she eats at least ONE (or two!) batches herself!  Seriously.

And I have LOTS more baking to do today.  Gotta bring treats to kids music concerts at school this week.  AND...tonight is...

Guess who's teaching an applique class tonight???


Right after I catch my little daughter's winter band concert, that is.

Which is why I think I'll just stay in my pj's as long as possible today.

You're welcome to join me!


  1. Me too! My 3 year old and I are still in jammies. We just may get dressed to pick up the oldest from school, but since we didn't bother to dress for the dropoff, I don't know why we'd bother now :-) Happy jammie day!

  2. How I wish I could join you with that idea. Up and out.

  3. I spent yesterday in my jammies, even though it was a beautiful warm day in Tucson.

    Please share your recipe for the Shortbread Toffee Bars. Am wondering if they are like the ones I used to make in 4H in Nebraska in 1950's.

  4. I am a Phillies phan and was thrilled to hear the news...so many of my husband's friends were calling him today about getting Cliff Lee....
    Go Phillies!!!!

  5. Your email is not on your profile so I'm leaving a thanks for the comment on my blog here! Glad you like my pink cup!! Thanks for getting in touch...


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