Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the Tour de Mark!!!

Last day of Quilt Market was SOOOO much fun!  We had a GREAT time running around chatting to all the peeps we came to see.  But....we felt a little bad for our friend Mark Lipinski who couldn't be at market this year.  SO.  We took him with us for a tour of market!  Glad we could spend some quality time with ya Mark!!! (we had to give him a new shirt....he was so tired of wearin' the same ol' thing!)

First let's check the guide and see where we should go!

Ah-HA....Blackbird Designs....

(oops...'scuse Mark, his nose was a little itchy.....)

Oooh, Mark, who IS that little man on your shoulder?  Is it Brad Pitt? LOL!  
No, it's Elliot from The Quilted Fish!
(he was two-timin' ya though, we heard he had a little make-out session with
Amy Butler later in the day!)

Look Mark!  99 luftballons....

How about a little demo at the Checker booth?

Oooh the Fabshop....let's stop and see what good friend Meg Cox has been reporting on....
Look!  She did an interview with Liz about trunk shows in the latest issue!

Speaking of friends....let's go talk to a few....Here's cute Bari J!

Hey Mary Holmes of Sister's Quilting Trunk...so good to SEE you again! 
(watch that hand Mr. Lipinski!)

Darn...Amy Butler wasn't at home....

That's OK...let's go see Ty Pennington, hey Ty, I'll scratch your back if you scratch MINE!

LOOK!  Liza Prior Lucy's quilt!

Hey...my FAVORITE Aurifil thread!  Buy my special Mark Lipinski box!

What is this....?  A papier mache bomb??  It's in the Love Bomb booth, by Keri Beyer.

Ahhhh, but look...there's a comfy bed....papa Bear needs to take a little power nap!

Uh-OH!!!!  Someone gotz in TROUBLES!  Please sir...let him of with a warning, will ya?

I'll be a good boy and walk on over to the Kansas City Star booth to read up on my 
favorite Lizzie B Girls.....

And maybe I'll mosey on over to....OOOH, what DO we have here?

This looks fun!

Hey!  Look who's settin' up for a photo shoot!  My bestie Jodie Davis!!!

Blechhhhh!  We're good friends Jodie, but not THAT good!

Do ya mind if we take a potty break?  Sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do....

Whew!  That feels better!  (even armless....)  But hey, is it cold in here, or is it just me?  Maybe I should stop and do a little modeling stint for Kay Whitt.  She's simply fabulous!
(and so am I, I must say...)

Hmmmm.  What IS this?  I have no idea what this is.....never seen anything like THIS before....

And to top it off....Mark get's the "People's Choice Award", presented by Elliot, 
for "MOST ground covered at Market without FEET"!!!

YAY MARK!!!  Take a bow!  He's speechless folks.  Truly speechless.

(dedicated to Mark Lipinski....even when you're not here with us, you liven up the scene!)

XOXO - the Cre8-a-trons


  1. I'm so glad Mark got to see Market with you guys!!
    you sure made me smile. :0)
    I betcha Mark will too.....

  2. Very funny! Looks like Mark had a good time!

  3. OMG, Mark is such a social butterfly!

  4. His outfit is adorable. I LOVE the t-shirt.

  5. This was an awesome idea! Made me laugh :) I'm sure Mark loved it too :)

  6. thank you for this post... it gave me the laugh i needed today!

  7. I never rolled on the floor laughing sew hard very cute, very funny, your adorable, thank you sew much, everyone needs to smile and laugh...Denise Fischer Tucson, Arizona


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