Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The People's Choice Awards...

Maybe you're not aware that during International Quilt Market, awards are given for various booths.... best single booth, double booth, multiple booth...then there's the new exhibitor, merchandising and...the most coveted....creativity!

For example, here's Daisy Janie, who won the award for New Exhibitor.
She just so happens to be from PA!  And there's Julie Herman's quilt (of Jaybird Quilts) in the background....

 However.  THIS year, we decided to take matters in our own hands.  We decided to give out the 4H People's Choice Awards!  (4H's stand for Halladay, Herring, Hawkins and Hawkins.)

Amanda Herring, of The Quilted Fish, talked Elliot into presenting the prestigious awards.  Here he is giving out the first one....

And the First award goes to the hubby of Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup....
for being SOUPER MAN!  

Then Brian...who got the Best Truck Driver Award....

Patty Young....for Best Halloween Costume! 
(and her hubby for Best Polyester Pants and Vinyl Shoes)

Then Elliot found Kay Whitt...for the Cutest Texan Award!

She was so thrilled she gave him a smooch.

Here's her blue ribbon, being proudly displayed for all to see!

Moving on, it was decided that Barb and Mary of My Sister and Me Designs
deserved the award for The Best Table Weaving!

And Dana of Lazy Daisy Cottage was awarded the prize for 
Best Use of Props Borrowed from a High School!
(whew!  Try writing THAT on a post-it with a Sharpie.)

Then the Love Bomb girls got Best Use of Papier Mache...
(see blog below for a pic of the Love Bomb)

Oooh, and here's Peter Cho of Anthology Fabrics 
for Best Truck Mate.

(Although 3 of the H's are seriously thinking of revoking this award after he blocked all of our booth stuff for festival with his two ginormous palettes in the truck.....Hmmm, or he could compensate with some of his yummy fabric, we're easy that way!)

Next, the Abbey Lane Quilts girls got a prize for....uh....
I can't quite read that post-it note in the pic, can you?  
At any rate, their award was split in half so each of them could have a part!
(we can be accommodating like that...)

And Ann Hansen from Pixie Girl Quilts
gets the award for Best Use of Pixie Dust!

Our last winner wasn't in her booth at the time of the award giving (possibly because it was 5 minutes before the end of market...) 
so Elliot left her award to adorn her flower table.
It went to Nellies Needle for Best Covert Passing Out of Flyers.

The 4H's had a FABULOUS time passing out these great awards!  
Stay tuned for Spring Market in Salt Lake when all the winners were asked to play it forward and find a worthy winner of their own to pass on their prestigious People's Choice Award.  

Somewhat like the Stanley Cup....


  1. woot woot.. can always count on you guys for a fun read, while I'm sitting trying to decide what to quilt next!!! :))
    A peak into Barbara Jones booth.... go Quilt Soup!!
    and a pic of Barb and Mary!!!
    all pics.. fun... :0)

  2. Love this idea! And those are some rocking booths!

  3. So glad you two didn't get yourselves kicked out for being silly.

  4. What a neat idea!! I'll bet the recipiants really appreciated the "recognition" too :)

  5. thanks for the shout out!! and i love your awards you gave out... too funny!


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