Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Houston Festival - Day 4 (a few days later!)

So I had EVERY intention of writing this post before leaving Houston....but, uh, that obviously didn't happen!  Sunday was a long day.  Wait, have I said that for EVERY day in Houston?  I think maybe.  And we even had an extra hour of sleep Saturday night with the time change! Didn't feel like it though.  I think when we enter Houston, we enter some sort of time warp.  So Sunday was the day our booth went from this...

To this....

And this....

Then came full circle back to here...

Beth's garage!  I got this pic in a text from her....I think it said, 
"Dang, now I have to do laundry!"
(she also threw her suitcases on the truck!)

However, BEFORE all that happened....we actually got to the convention center early enough to walk through the quilt exhibit.  This was TRULY a treat as we never seem to have the time to do just that.  If you look to the right of the blog, you'll see a link to our flickr group where we've uploaded all our fav's.  It's ALMOST like being there!  Here are a few to entice you to go take a look....

Look at those appliqued circles!!!  LOVED IT!

And poppies....I found POPPIES!  I think I need to try this...looks JUST like one of my watercolors.  It got an award for the quilting...which was amazing!

Coulda stared at this forever and STILL not seen everything in it....

Working Shoes

This one reminded me of art school, when we had to draw our shoes EVERYWHERE!  I chose a pair of laced up boots I had, and let me tell you, was I ever sick of drawing those babies....never even occured to me to make it into a quilt.  Maybe I need to pull out my OTHER art school drawings, see which one's should become a quilt!

Need I say anything about this one?  Who doesn't LOVE to accessorize?  

Took this pic for my kids.  I can't even imagine making a story quilt like this.  It was gorgeous. 
(and yes, there are poppies!)

LOTS more fabulous pics to see on our Flickr page....go have a tour and tell us which is your favorite!  Meanwhile, we're going to try to overcome our Houston exhaustion and get back to the grind.  We have SOOOO much fun stuff we need to pump out and share with you all.

Stay tuned....


  1. can't wait to go look.. I think poppies and shoes a fav!!!
    you take pics of the quilts I like for sure!!!!
    so glad you are home safe and sound.. another Lizzie B adventure.. under your belt!! woot woot.

  2. I LOVE the "Poppies" quilt!!! The "Wizzard of Oz" quilt is amazing - I just wish I had the time (and patience) to do something like that! Wow!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing these beauties!

  4. i missed the Wizard of Oz could that happen?


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