Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fun Books from Market/Festival

I'll admit, sometimes when I get home from a trip my suitcase can sit unpacked for a coupla days.  Especially if there's nothing in there I really need (like dirty clothes....).  Honestly, am I alone here?  You know, you crack that baby open only long enough to grab your toothbrush and toiletry kit and then try to ignore it until one day you find yourself wondering if you can fit into your daughter's underwear just to eke out ONE more day of NOT unpacking????!  Well, this time, I couldn't WAIT to unpack my bags from Houston because....oh boy, I brought home some TREASURES!   And I wanted to share them with my girls.  So while the laundry was happily spinning in the washing machine, filling the house with the scent of fresh lavender (gotta love that Tide!), I sat down with my daughters and flipped through the pages of these lovely books I brought back from market.  Check out my finds....

First...a whole book full of Amy Butler bags!

We decided I needed to try to make THIS little clutch for some upcoming dressy events I have to attend.
But, uh, it requires a zipper.  YIKES!

It comes it 3 different sizes...I think I might try the smallest!
(my daughter may have to do the zipper tho...)

Next was this ADORABLE book by Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction

This is one you'll want to SIT and READ!  It's decked out with vintage pics, 
needlework, sewing, cooking, fashion...etc.  Just look at this cute little peek inside....

Then I HAD to get Kay Whitt's new book, Sew Serendipity! 
(if you'll remember, Kay got the special People's Choice Award for "Cutest Texan"!)

My daughter likes to make clothing and LOVES that Kay autographed this book to her!  
She'd like to make this cute wool coat FIRST...nothing like jumpin' right in there, huh?

I also got Kay's "Media Frenzy" book.  It has all sorts of fun bag patterns!

Personally, I'd like to make the little wallet right there in the bottom right-hand corner.
They were SO cute!

So I swung by Jo-Ann's yesterday and bought me all sorts of fusible interfacings and stabilizers, 
in preparation for my bag making fest! 

Even got myself a zipper (or two).....


  1. ok.. I've got the vintage notions on my wish list..
    is it wonderful? lots of reading in all my spare time? which is usually on the nightstand.. and I fall asleep reading page one????

  2. You really can do the zipper. Just put it in before you sew the fabrics together to make the bag. It is so cute, you really have to have it!

  3. Ok - now I'm going to have to get the Media Frenzy book!! I'm thinking that the black/white camera (?) bag on the cover would make an awesome iron caddy with some insul-brite substitutions!!! LOL


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