Thursday, April 25, 2013


Attention everyone!  
We have SLASHED the price of our lovely VOGUE fabric line at ShopLizzieB to: 

a YARD!  $4.99! 

 You may think we have lost our ever-loving minds to be selling the last bits of our beautiful Vogue fabric line. We assure you, we haven't.
Yet, anyway!

The problem is, space.  We need to make MORE space to make room for our NEXT fabric line due to hit shops in June. us clear our shelves.  Tell your friends...

  "hey, did you hear about the fabric sell on ShopLizzieB? Only $4.99 a yard!"

Order BIG!
We'll sell it until it's gone, gone, gone! We might even be ultra generous and slip some freebies in your order.  You just never know!

So what are you waiting for???



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