Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Aurifil Designer of the Month - Dec - Hey, that's US!

We have waited a LOOOOOONG 
time for our turn.  Whew!

Do you LOVE our little skier girl?
We're calling our block "Let it Snow", 
because, well, ya can't do much skiing without that fluffy white stuff!

Click on over to the 
to read all about our craziness.
Maybe you'll learn something new?

Like, why in the world we would post
THIS picture:


We can't WAIT to see how you stitch up our block.  Be sure you share it on the flickr page. We'll be checking it often to see who finishes first.

Leave us a comment on our blog too, we'd LOVE to hear from you! What was your fav part about doing the blog hop this year?  

We're also thinking of publishing some more of our applique designs as stitchery, what do you think, should we DO it?

Let us know your thoughts!

Happy December!


  1. LOVE this! I think it might be my favorite of the BOM series :)

  2. I love the design for your block. I just completed the November block and have had so much fun working on each of them. I hope to start on this block tonight. I would love to see your applique designs as stitchery.

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