Friday, August 10, 2012

Uhhh, the dog ate my homework???

Let's see...Top 10 
excuses for not having an updated blog post since, er, MAY!

10. My computer is solar powered and I've been living in a cave.

9. The District Court of Appeals recently ruled that blogging (or working in general!) during the summer is cruel & unusual punishment.

8. The nice man with the sign says the end is HERE. No one blogs on the eve of the apocalypse. 

7. I was busy fighting off zombies.

6. I've been stuck on an island and the canoe floated away.

5. I had to take my pet fish to the vet.

4. I've won the gold medal for number of consecutive hours watching the Olympics.

3. My blog caught on fire.

2. I was told that after writing this I would self-destruct.

1. The dog ate my keyboard.

Sighhhhh!  It's true.  I could come up with as many excuses as Ferris Bueller if given the chance.  But the truth is....

I've been sewing.  You'll all forgive me for THAT right?  

I've been whipping up quilts for a few of my 
daughters friends as they're all off to college this fall. 

Not to mention trying to spend as much family time together as possible with TWO kiddos going off to school now. 

Sniff, sniff!

AND...we're getting ready for our 
CRUISE next month....

Which we are TOTALLY excited for!
(it may be the only thing keeping me from begging my daughter to let me stay with her in college!)

So please, please forgive us for being remiss in our blogging duties.  We are SO behind in updating our AWESOME Aurifil block-of-the-month designers.  Stay tuned, I am going to do a big SUMMER splashdown of Aurifil designers. You won't want to miss it!
There will be a giveaway involved!

Meanwhile, I hope you're all enjoying your summer.  And keep this little advice from Ferris in mind....

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