Saturday, February 11, 2012

London's Calling...

The Lizzie's have been busy little B's working
away in their studios!  We've been 
putting together some FUN,
quick and easy quilts.

And the first one is ready to reveal!

I London


Beth was cutting up these fun pieces
in the wee hours of the morning...

And forced herself to go to bed so she could
whip it all up the next day.

Then I started getting texts like this...

 That's just the way it goes with the 
Lizzie B Girls.
We'd SOOOO rather be stitching up 
cute stuff!

And so she did.  
Then she wrote up the pattern....
(I got the text message version so I could start MINE 
right away!  LOL!)

Now it's UP on ShopLizzieB
in a downloadable PDF format.

Why that could start working on 

Get out your scraps...this one is quick 
satisfaction  guaranteed.

Stay tuned....we'll be posting ANOTHER 
fun pattern on VALENTINE'S DAY!
Can't wait to show you.
Just sharin' the LOVE.

But for now...London's Calling...

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