Tuesday, January 24, 2012

AURIFIL....Have you checked it out?

Who doesn't LOVE yummy thread?
I can tell you WE do!
And you KNOW we all love Aurifil.


did you know that we, 
the Lizzie B Girls,
are on the distinguished list
of Designers of the Month this year???

Woohoooo!We can't wait!
This year the designers will be bringing you a new stitchery block each month.  
Even though our month is in December, 
we hope you'll get excited about this program NOW. Why?

You can win FABULOUS prizes from Aurifil!
(and they are VERY generous with their prizes)

Here's how:

Check out THIS month's designer

click *here*

We LOVE Roseann! She is ONE creative chick.
Trust me, you'll be inspired when you see all the pics of her fun studio!

Get to work on her CUTE block!

I KNOW!  Isn't that sweet?

When your block is finished, upload it to
this awesome flickr group for a chance
to win prizes from Aurifil!
There are only two up there so far this month, so I'd say your chances of winning are pretty darn good.  AND, if you don't win this month, you'll still be in the running for EVERY month until you win.

Cool, or what?

Makes me warm and fuzzy inside just thinkin' about it!

And if that's not enough...
Aurifil ALSO has a FUN contest going on right now on Facebook.But you gotta act FAST.
Like RIGHT NOW! All you have to do is upload a quilt you have finished, get friends to vote for it and possibly win a...


Holy cow...I ain't kidding!


And check back each month for more

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  1. YES, I LOVE AURIFUL THREAD!!! I wish I had a dealer near me.


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