Saturday, December 31, 2011


Bring on 2012!

Thanks to all of you who shared
2011 with us.  We had a GR8 year together, didn't we?  Can't wait to start the new one.

Just a reminder to join us all tonight ringing in the new year with Stitchin' Heaven...

TWITTER style!

Such a fun party last year, will be a blast again. Here's all the info you need to join in the fun:

click here

Who: YOU & Some really great Sponsors
What: New Year’s Eve 2011 Twitter Party

 December 31, 2011 -   10pm-12:30am CST
Party :
#SHPARTY Topic: Out with a Bang!
How: New to twitter? It’s easy and it’s free! Just follow the instructions below:
1. Get a Twitter account. You can sign up for free at
2. Go to (or the platform of your choice if you have another you prefer)
3. Enter SHPARTY next to the hashtag (#) at the top of the screen.  Once you do that all conversations and party goers for our party will show up in a list just below the top of the page.
4. Sign into Twitter if you aren’t already. You will be prompted to allow or deny the app to access your account. Click “allow”
5. You will be redirected to the party page where you will only see conversations for #SHPARTY partyers.
6. Use the text box to write your messages. No need to put #SHPARTY in each post because Tweetchat does that for you.
7. Party! We will post messages to the party and you respond. You’ll see the conversation roll. You may want to set the speed of messages, either slower to keep up or faster to get your messages almost as soon as they post without the delay. However you want, it’s your party! You can find how to set the speed right under your message box.

See you in 2012!!!

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