Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 2 - On the Edge

Here we go Day 2! 

Who's bloggin' today in the hop?

Erin Russek over at One Piece at a Time


Victoria Findlay Wolfe at Bumble Beans Inc.

Thanks for all the recipe suggestions so far.  Only, I'm waaaay more conflicted.  The ONE thing that got narrowed down was definitely a dessert type dish.  NO problem!  I have those in spades.

Good thing you all didn't request a main dish, I wouldn't have wanted to compete with Victoria's scrumptious recipe! 

So TODAY I'm going to spend the afternoon at one of my favorite quilt shops...

Doesn't this look like the cutest little shop?
Well it is!  And the owners, Jan and Cynthia ROCK the house!

If you're anywhere near Exton, PA between 4-8pm today, stop in and say hi!  (And taste test the recipe I may be posting tomorrow!)

I'll be signing our new book and showing off some of the quilts inside.


A Fall Market Preview!  Yep, you'll get to see what's new for FALL.

Tomorrow is OUR big day on the blog hop.  I've got some crazy stuff in store!

I'm supposed to take a pic of the inside of my fridge and post it tomorrow.  Ugh.  This will be very embarrassing! 

If you snapped a pic of the inside of YOUR fridge right now, what would be the MOST embarrassing thing we'd see???


  1. grapes. old. quite old. and something that may have been cilantro? ew.

  2. Sadly mine is pretty empty but could use a good cleaning

  3. Crusty milk residue on the shelf...

  4. HAHA! I saw that WINK! Hey, I do have REALLY good recipe, posting tomorrow, so if elephant and hare in your stew ain't for you, then come back tomorrow for something yummy! LOL!

  5. OH, and in my fridge right now? well, it isn't in my fridge anymore, I just found a FETA cheese container that was ready to blow its top.. I had to do the scavenger hunt o find out what was so darn smelly in my fridge! LOL! eew. sigh.

  6. A partial gallon of milk that is sure to be spoiled and needs to be dumped, who is going to do it? Not me and Hubz said not him so it may have to stay there a few more days.

  7. A huge error in judgment was purchasing a side-by-side fridge. It is packed to the gills and is ready to avalanche any minute.

  8. A lot of cake as a friend gave us a birthday cake (she got 5) and I went to a retirement party and brought a piece of that cake home.


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