Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Craziness! BIG Announcement....

Sooooo.....you ALL know we've been crazy busy getting ready for Spring Market in Salt Lake City in just a few short weeks.  VERY FEW!!!


What we have sort of kept under wraps is the OTHER show we're doing.
At. The. Same. Time!

And in NYC for that matter.  Yes, we're trying our hand at surface design.  We figured, hey, we have LOTS of art...why not see if it can be used elsewhere, right?  Wrapping paper, napkins...shoot, refrigerator magnets???  Ok, maybe not.
But really, with surface design, the sky is the limit.
We hope!

Here's a little video about Surtex from their site.  See if you notice a certain fabric designer!

So lest you think we've been lazy not updating our blog much lately, here's a list of what 
we HAVE been doing:

* 3 retail shows in 3 different states (Jan, March)
* 2 guild shows (April)
* Aurifil blog hop (February)
* Fairfield featured designers (March)
* put out TWO FREE eMagazines (check the left sidebar!) (Feb, April)
* Designed, made, quilted, bound and wrote patterns for...
10 NEW PROJECTS!  Yes. 10. (April)

(sneak peek at a few of those!)

So naturally we thought, you know, we're not quite busy enough.
Let's do another show!  The same weekend as spring market!  Hooray!
And add to the list:

* figure out art licensing
* catalog every scrap of Lizzie B artwork (which took 4.5 hours to upload)
* design not ONE but TWO booths

And last but not least....make the very SAD very HARD decision to divide and conquer.

Which is to say...the Lizzie B's won't BOTH be at Spring Market OR at Surtex.

Beth will be doing Spring Market in SLC solo, and I will be in NYC.
It'll be new for us.  And strange.

We hope you'll wish us GOOD LUCK in both ventures! (we're gonna need it!)

And we promise to keep ya posted.


  1. Divide and conquer...always a wonderful plan! Best of luck!

  2. Oh how super exciting! That just means you will be in more places and we will see more wonderful LizzieB everywere! It is spectacular and you will do wonderfully wherever you go! Remember HAVE FUN!!

  3. Awww. Exciting and sad. I hope you guys do great at both shows. Will be excited to hear how Surtex goes. You guys will miss each other and be on the phone to each other all night after the shows!

  4. Good for you. Can't wait to see the new designs.

  5. Congratulations on all your successes! It stinks you don't get to enjoy both events together but surely both will be great!

  6. That is the beauty of having two of you! Good luck with the licensing!

  7. WOW! Congrats and Best of Luck at Surtex. Can't wait to see your new designs. Thanks for the sneak peak! Kimber


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