Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Over the River and Thru the Woods....

Or...on the airplane, over half the states!  Headin' out to Tucson today.  You know, cuz Beth and I haven't seen enough of each other!  LOL!  It's going to be a whirlwind week with a designing blitz AND Thanksgiving thrown into the mix.  But it's gonna be fun, fun, FUN!

Been a little silent this week on the blogfront....sorry!  Getting ready for my trip, helping my senior son get his applications in for 8 different schools, choosing senior pics (which totally crack me up...seriously, do I look old enough to have an 18 year old??  Don't answer that....), throw in a trip to NYC and all the LAUNDRY that had to be done before packing....and WHEW, I'm already worn OUT!

But here's what else I've been up to, you know, in my spare time...

Yep!  I made the Amy Butler clutch from her new book I showed you the other day!

I even put in a zipper.  Pat me on the back, would ya??

Cute or WHAT???  I think I'm going to jazz it up with some beading, perfect for all the upcoming Holiday parties I've got going on!

Last Saturday when I was at Byrne's Sewing Connection in Doylestown, PA for their shop hop, I noticed THIS cute little piece hanging on the wall.  It's Pat Sloan's Meadow Breeze BOM!  
This one was done by Joyce Hughes, who will be teaching a class on how to "thread paint" with 
FABULOUS Aurifil thread! Seriously, I've seen Pat's Meadow Breeze before, but NOT quite like this!  It was stunning!

And lastly...when we get home from Tucson, look what will be waiting for us...

I know it doesn't look like it HERE, but this baby is FIFTEEN FEET TALL!  Yes.  15.  
My dear hubby is ecstatic about it.  He's already planning on how to get the star on the 
top...I will have the video camera at the ready for this big event, you can COUNT on it!

Meanwhile,  have a listen to my daughter Sienna's cute boyfriend....
he dedicated this one JUST for me! (been buggin' him to sing it!)
He says he may try out for American Idol next year, tell me if you think he has a chance!
(we're a little biased....)


  1. He's Good!! I liked it...just a great voice and an acoustic favorite kind of music!! Hope you are feeling better and have a great trip!

  2. I want the BAG!! And Joyce's quilt hung in the Aurifil booth at market along side mine!

    CUTE boyfriend and he sounds fabulous to me.. add me to his fan club!

  3. Haha Pat! You crack me up! I'd send you the bag, but the pic didn't show the wonky part of the zipper....might have to try that again. Hmmm. But here's a link of my daughter Sienna singing WITH Jake...they're such cuties (wish this one had a vid of them, it's just sound...)


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