Friday, November 5, 2010

Festival Day 1...

Busy, busy day! Didn't slow down all day....fantastic! So I was keepin' a lookout for interesting things while standing in my booth. NOT so easy to do! But here we go...

I was LOVIN' this fishie backpack! Check. It. Out.

Bags, bags everywhere! This yo-yo bag was pretty cool...

Seriously. THE biggest bag EVER! Can you imagine the weight of that thing when it's FULL?!

Bobbin necklaces!!! Everyone's wearin' 'em. (they say these beauties are making an appearance in the Jan/Feb. issue of Quilter's Home...)

Gina, our booth neighbor choppin' on a PB&J, with natural PB which she insists is "not good" and bread that expired today.

The Lizzie B cash register. Honestly, THE coolest thing at Festival!

Ok, except for maybe the quilts in the exhibit....I snapped a few in my pathway to the little girls room...

LOVE the tulips and poppies (previous pic)!!!

And this was just COOL!!! One of my fav movies of all time. Have you seen it?! Go rent it RIGHT NOW! Or um, after you finishing reading this...

I snapped the info about that one was so interesting!

This one is a work of art someone left in our booth....isn't it amazing?

And to top off this incredible day....a stop at Target. Where Gina Halladay decided she was too tired to walk! (but she really just wanted to drive it around backwards everywhere to hear the loud back-up beeping noise...)

But really, the highlight of our day was when THESE girlz showed up! A group of 6th graders in the gifted and talented program, who have a mini-class two mornings a week for quilting!!! How darn cool is THAT?! Raise your hand if you wish YOU coulda taken that class in the 6th grade? (arm raised, waving frantically!) They each got to pick a fat quarter in our booth. What fun! (gotta love the glasses too....)


  1. great pics!!! and they are under JOY too.. all those cut girls!

  2. I am loving it!!! I am frantically waving my hand for wishing I had that quilting opportunity in the sixth grade!!! Do you think the glasses give them a unique perspective???

  3. Waving my hand too! Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

  4. look's like so much fun! mabey one year I migh be able to make it to one! and have a blast like you two!

  5. I love, love, love that you are still looking at all the cool things around you! So many creative people!

  6. Where did they get those glasses? Wow, looks like you are having fun at Market, wish I could be there too!

  7. I want the bobbin necklace. I hope they are available in Lancaster in the Spring.

  8. Waving my hand frantically too!!! Oh, why couldn't they have had cool classes like that when I was in school?!? Oh, and I WANT that bag that the woman in the 3rd photo has!!!! Seriously! You could fit a small, or medium size child in there!!

  9. Hi Girls! Wish I was still there. (Probably not, I'm too tired.) Looks like lots of fun, though! Hope you have a great show!! See you in BlogLand.

  10. looks like so much fun!! one year i'll stay for festival... can i tag along and be a lizzieb girl for a few days? ;-)


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